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How We Work

Starting from the moment of your request and throughout the project we direct all energy and efforts to be your reliable partner.

Process of Collaboration

You come to XB Software with some business needs or ideas, even if it is not fully formed and clear. We offer options of collaboration and services depending on your request. Understanding that your idea needs protection, we guarantee you information privacy from a third party and offer to sign the NDA.

In order to organize our future collaboration the best way, we offer four different types of contracts:

The contract type is chosen depending on the amount of work, availability of documentation, your wishes, uniqueness of the request, and understanding of the requirements for functionality. The work begins with the signing of an agreement by email. Work is usually divided into 2-4-week sprints. A client pays only for accepted results. After the job is done, the whole warranty period and the bug-fixing procedure are at our own expense.

Full-Cycle Development Process

The work on the project is divided into the following phases:

Discovery phase
Discovery phase
requirements gathering, analysis, and plan project development
Development phase
Development phase
design, front-end and back-end development
Testing phase
full lifecycle testing, starting with requirements stage up to final testing
Deployment phase
deployment of the system on the customer’s environment
Maintenance phase
quality guarantee and customer support period
Discovery Phase

Discovery phase is the initial phase of a software project, which helps to define its goals, scope, and limitations. During this stage, there is a possibility to analyze the information related to the project and to understand the target audience of the future software product.

To have a clear picture of what a project should represent, different specialists that have experience in their particular areas are involved:

Business Analyst (BA)
Business Analyst (BA)
Determines the main goal of the project and helps the client to state the requirements.
Technical Specialist
Technical Specialist
Evaluates the project from the technical point of view and determines which technologies and tech stacks suit best for the development.
UI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designer
In compliance with the client’s requirements, this type of specialist prepares UI/UX design prototype. It helps the client to evaluate the visual components of the project.
Project Manager (PM)
Project Manager (PM)
Schedules meetings with stakeholders and delegates responsibilities.

The discovery phase deliverables may include the following:

Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
Preliminary Prototype
Development Plan and Estimates
Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

The document contains a detailed description of your future product, which tech stack will be used for the development process, the array of features the software will possess, and what architecture it will have.

Preliminary Prototype

A customer gains the preliminary prototype, which itself is a great opportunity to get the insight of how the future project will look and how it’s supposed to work. Therefore, you have a possibility to evaluate the future interface before the software development process even starts.

Development Plan and Estimates

All the deliverables, milestones, and estimates will be documented in the final project specification. You will have a clear picture of how the development process will go.

Development Phase

Based on the specification and design of pages, the development team starts the work. The process is divided into short sprints, and the team decides on front-end and back-end technologies.

The results of each development phase go through a full testing cycle, so that all bugs are fixed as soon as possible (ASAP). The quality system analysis includes checking the correct functioning of the software, the absence of technical and logical errors, usability testing, load testing, etc.

Simultaneously, the team continues to write a specification for the next milestone. The development goes on taking into account the results of the previous stage, new ideas, and desires. This is how all milestones are implemented.

Development phase
Deployment Phase

When all modules are ready, a team of a PM, BA, Developer, DevOps specialist, and a Team Lead work on the deployment of the system on the customer’s environment.

The team configures, customizes, performs tests, teaches users, and achieves stable system operation.

Maintenance Phase

This is the quality guarantee and customer support period, and its goal is to ensure the most efficient and smooth operation with the system.

The main aim of maintenance is to improve the usability of the launched software by fixing problems detected during its use and adding new functionality.


Project Management Process

Initiation & Conception
  • Define project goals
  • Create project brief
  • Create a business case
  • Draw up a list of stakeholders
  • Project scope & budget
  • Deadlines
  • Team roles
  • Communication plan
  • Milestones
Launch & Execution
  • Budget management
  • Resource planning
  • Status reports
  • Risk management
Monitoring & Control
  • Project goals
  • Quality of deliverables
  • Team performance
Project Closure
  • Retrospective meeting
  • Project closure report

Methodologies We Use

Disciplined Agile Delivery
Disciplined Agile Delivery


Partnership Approach

Partnership relations between a customer and the service provider are associated with the depth of contact between the parties. As the service provider, we aim at developing top-quality solutions for a reasonable price for our customers. Also, you can always count on our help, advice, as well as respect for your resources, both temporary and monetary.

Focus on the Result, Not the Process

Our goal is to design the most effective system within your budget and deliver the product on time. For this, we suggest Agile methodologies, 3 different types of contracts, and our own products, Webix and DHTMLX, to speed up the development and meet your requirements.

Deep Study Before an Action

We perform business analysis to study thoroughly our customer’s company structure and business processes. We examine framing documents, current software systems, and technical surroundings to determine the ways to improve business processes, increase productivity, and hit KPIs target levels.

Driving Innovation

We always suggest creating top-notch applications using cutting-edge technologies. We follow the latest trends in web application development and are ready to listen to your ideas about implementing something new.

Dedication Is Our Lifestyle

XB Software specialists are a highly responsible team who work tirelessly and with great dedication. For you, we create business advantages through actual web solutions that are in demand in the competitive world today.

We Are Here to Help

If you’d like us to help you with the selection of the most appropriate contractual model and/or discuss your project, feel free to contact our customer support manager.

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