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Native vs. Hybrid App Development: Which is Better

Nowadays, a mobile app is an irreplaceable part of any business intended to leverage from the use of modern technologies for building strong relationships with customers. Taking into account the ever-increasing role that mobile devices play in people’s lives, there’s nothing unusual that mobile apps help companies to stay in touch with clients 24/7 and …

Webix 7.0 Release: UI Designer

A new version of Webix JavaScript UI library is already out! It includes several updates: a new autocomplete functionality for text inputs, disabled options for controls and lists, a widget for creating timelines. Together with version 7.0, users get a tool for alleviating work with Webix: UI Designer for rapid web interface prototyping.

Role of a Project Manager in a Software Development Project

Or Why You Should Listen to a PM on the Vendor’s Side First of all, it’s essential to mention that such a role of a Project Manager (PM) in Agile methodologies doesn’t exist in its classic form. Agile implies that functions, responsibilities, and duties are shared between team members. For other methodologies, a project manager …

All That is Necessary to Know About a Startup Business Model

Among tech startups, competition takes place not just for survival in the market but also for the investor’s attention. It’s essential to understand that the components of this competition touch not only product, service, and technologies, but a business model as well. The concept of a business model has begun to take shape in the …