WebRTC Browser Security: Real-Time Communications for B2B

The theme of browser security pops up from time to time when another IT media raise the issue of using Flash in your browser from the privacy policies point of view. For a regular Internet user such kind of issues can be avoided by following a few simple rules: keep the browser and plug-ins up …

Welcome to 4Front Meetup #14. New Year’s Edition

Do not miss the New Year’s 14th meetup for frontend developers! We’ll wait for you in the IMAGURU business club (4 Fabritsius Str., Minsk) on December,21 at 19:00. As usually, engaging presentations have been prepared by the developers from XB Software and Boris Mosunov, full stack developer. We’ll talk about genetic algorithms, Rust, MathML and Angular JS2 vs VueJS.

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC): Benefits and Major Testing Steps

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC): Benefits and Major Testing Steps

Software testing is a process of checking if the actual software behavior meets requirements and matches the expectations. These tests are performed on the basis of documented requirements of a customer. But how the software testing life cycle looks like? Does it have something in common with the software development life cycle? What benefits do …

Software Testing Methodologies: Which One To Choose?

Software testing methodologies

Just as the process of software development, the phase of software testing is also based on a specific methodology. Various combinations of principles, ideas, methods, and concepts that help you during the working process is what we have in mind when using this term. Nowadays, there are dozens types of software testing methodologies each with different start …