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Create, administer, and grade tests online with a simple-to-use platform. Our ready-made Online Test System is perfect for educational institutions, organizations, and other businesses looking to streamline exam management and assessment.

Examarius Online Test Software
Examarius Online Test Software

Challenges in Using Online Exam Systems

Exploring latest changes in various technologies, we learned that the new online HSC (Higher School Certificate) exams system for Enterprise Computing and Software Engineering will be implemented in 2025 in New South Wales, Australia, and decided to build the product that is perfect for the exam preparation and assessment process.

Examarius can be used to build any tests and exams with the vast custom exam construction functionalities that help to deal with various challenges in the Education industry:

Ensuring the quality of online testing process by providing students with questions created by experts of the subject matter or syllabus;
Communicating with remote candidates seamlessly by clarifying their results via feedbacks and comments in the test;
Granting security and reliability by using advanced encryption and authentication technologies and secure environment without any malpractices;
Guaranteeing simple usage of the online test system by implementing automated processes and easier test creation;
Eliminating cheating practices by using randomized allocation of questions and answers during tests.

Wide Variety of Benefits

Examarius Online Test System offers a range of benefits that can help you to save time and resources while improving your overall exam process.

Not subscription-based solution

Having an on-premise solution instead of SaaS is ideal for greater control over data and infrastructure or specific security and compliance requirements. You will be able to manage the system the way you need.

Highly secured system

Enjoy full control by deploying and hosting on your own server, keeping your data in your hands. All tests can be encrypted, password-protected, and monitored using online security features, which prevent cheating, copying, and leaking of questions and answers.

Simple exam management

Our online examination management system grants seamless integration and user-friendly experience. It empowers examiners to effortlessly create and schedule online tests anytime, anywhere.

Data analysis and advanced reporting

Examarius provides instant real-time results, automatic grading, analytics, and reports for all roles, including both examinees and examiners.

Customizable and ready for rebranding

Examarius has an interface that can be configured and personalized according to the brand book of your company to let you launch the system as soon as possible.

Increased efficiency

Having an online exam system helps to reduce paperwork and decrease the human errors of examiners and administrators to make the overall process efficient and accurate.

Examarius Online Test Software

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Examarius Key Features

Role-Based Access Controls
Role-Based Access Controls
Role-Based Access Controls
Streamline testing process by having 3 individual roles (Admin, Examiner, Student)
Ensure no cheating with one database but separate modules
Add new or terminate current tests
Check and edit detailed info on examiners, students, and tests
Tests and Answers 1
Tests and Answers 2
Data Management Workspace
Let Examiners and Admin manage and edit information on any test or student in the centralized hub
Easily filter tests by Checked and For Review
Upload data on students and classes from your files
Restore previously deleted tests when needed
Test Builder
Test Builder
Simplify the process by choosing ready-made controls
Use a wide range of controls for questions and answers (Spreadsheets, Diagrams, IDEs for coding tests, Checkboxes, etc.)
Add, modify, or remove questions with one click
Update instructions and adjust the overall test structure
Analytics & Results Export
Analytics & Results Export
Analytics & Results Export
Easily analyze student’s performance
Export detailed analytics on student’s performance, tests, their results and average grade with one click
Choose classes and students to get reports on
Let Admin and Examiners download reports in PDF format to help them see the full picture
Checking System
Checking System
Checking System
Allow Examiners to check answers provided by examinees (automated and manual checking)
Get clear visibility into student responses, question status, and test performance
Quickly identify which questions are already checked or require manual checking (certain colors for certain status)
Add comments or notes to students answers
Testing System 1
Testing System 2
Testing System
Easily schedule testing date and set timer for tests
Avoid cheating due to questions and answers showed in random order
Ensure secure submission of answers
Let students have clear instructions and flag questions if needed

Make the testing process more engaging for your students with different question types

Build your tests by using diverse types of questions or combine them together to provide students with better instructions.
How to do it? Check our product demo video tutorial!

Question 1

Consider the following decision tree of a trained machine learning model that determines whether to purchase a vehicle.

Testing Question 1
Question 2

A business wants to use a spreadsheet to create a decision support system that will streamline its staff hiring process. The business’s hiring decisions are based on three scores achieved by each job applicant. A higher score indicates a more suitable applicant.

Design the spreadsheet for the business, showing all relevant labels and formulae.

Testing Question 2
Question 3

Bob is testing a website for vulnerability. The website allows the user to add their name at the end of the URL and prints their name on the webpage.

In addition to his name, Bob has added some code to the URL and the following is displayed.

Explain ONE way to minimize this vulnerability.

Testing Question 3
Question 4

The following subroutine is intended to search an array for an item and output the position of that item in the array. There are several mistakes in the algorithm.

Copy the algorithm into the space below and modify the algorithm logic so that it achieves its intended purpose.

Testing Question 4
Question 5

Choose one of the disruptive technology examples from the video and use ~500 words to write about its usage:

Testing Question 5
Question 6

Match each of the features to the relevant protocol(s).

Testing Question 6
Question 7

Assess the use of artificial intelligence in our society. Support your answer with information from the slideshow.

Testing Question 7
Question 8

Place the following software development steps in the correct order.

Testing Question 8
Question 9

Choose organelles that can be combined according to their functions into the Structural Support and Protection group (select minimum 2 options):

Testing Question 9

Maximizing Customization With Optional Features

Integration with LMS

Keep the Learning Management System (LMS) as the central software and leverage a powerful testing environment.

AI Quiz Maker

Easily generate questions that fit your criteria for online tests and exams. You can review and edit the questions before adding them to your exam.

Question Bank

Let your educators store and organize a large number of exam questions in one place to have easier access.

Scheduling & Planning

Schedule all your tasks and plans with the help of a Calendar to manage your work without the need to use any third-party platforms.

Active Notifications

Keep your test takers informed of test status with real-time notifications (or via email) to allow them to feel more control over the situation.

Advanced Reports & Dashboards

Get better analysis and statistics by implementing Dashboards, Diagrams, and other data analytic tools for optimal exam results.

Online Certification

Create your own certifications or branded certificates and let your students earn them from their homes or offices without the need to visit test centers.

Letter Grading System

Change the grading system to the letter grading type in order to ensure your students obtain validated test results approved in their country.

Check our playlist below to know more!

To have a better idea of what our Online Exam System is about, we created a series of video tutorials that cover the details of each system module, such as Admin, Examiner, and Student.

Choose the Best Pricing Option for Your Online Testing Needs

For your convenience, we offer two different pricing options depending on your goals.

for institutions
for developers

One-off payment for unlimited users
(not subscription based)

One-off payment for unlimited users
(not subscription based)


One-off payment for unlimited users
(not subscription based)


One-off payment for unlimited users
(not subscription based)

Distributed as source code

Distributed as source code

Distributed as source code

Distributed as source code

Installation guide + license agreement

Installation guide + license agreement

Installation guide + license agreement

Installation guide + license agreement

Core fully functional product

Core fully functional product

Core fully functional product

Core fully functional product

Available for your modification

Available for your modification

Available for your modification

Available for your modification

Requires Webix License

Requires Webix License

Requires Webix License

Requires Webix License

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Examarius?

Examarius is an online test system that can be used to build any tests and exams with the vast custom functionalities. We can offer you this product as a white label software to help the interested parties in improving their exam management processes and testing capabilities.

Examarius is not a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, and it doesn’t store any sensitive data of students and teachers on our side. Our white label system is fully at your disposal, and you are able to deploy and use the application on a server of your choice.

How to start with Examarius?

Starting with our online test software doesn’t require putting your thinking cap on, as you can easily make the system yours. If you want to be sure that everything is speak and span, you can check the following guides our team specifically prepared:

Please note that if you need more help, we can provide it at additional cost. Contact us to know more.

Is Examarius subscription-based?

No. You get this product right after one-off payment, and it becomes available for an unlimited number of users. All you have to do is to choose the plan relevant for your needs, and our sales team will contact you to share the required information.

Can I integrate Examarius with other systems?

The core fully functional product costs 99 USD only. In case you need to integrate it with the other systems and databases you have, you can choose the Business pricing plan and add the commercial Webix license. Thus, our specialists will be able to provide you with the Webix JavaScript UI library that contains a pack of ready-made widgets and speeds up the development process.

If you prefer choosing the Educator pricing plan, you can let us handle the needed operations for you on a paid Time & Material basis. In this case, you pay for the product only (99 USD), and the rest is done by us under a separate service agreement based on the custom development services we provide.

Which payment methods are available?

PayPro Global, Inc., a payment provider, offers 72 traditional and international payment methods.

What do I get after the purchase?

After you send your request with the chosen pricing plan, we will contact you to sign the license agreement and share the following after the payment:

  • Source code of a fully functional system;
  • Installation Guide;
  • License Agreement.

The software and documentation are provided “as is,” without a warranty of any kind.

Who to contact if I found a bug or need a fix?

If you found a bug or have an issue with the system, please send us a video that shows the problem you have via email – examarius@xbsoftware.com. All bugs are fixed by XB Software at the soonest availability of relevant specialists.

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