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XB Software specialists create robust web-based software solutions and consumer-centric applications tailored to your business needs.

We help companies to launch into new markets, optimize and automate business processes, and enhance competitiveness.

If you are a growing business, you are probably searching for a convenient enterprise software solution to improve the core business processes in your company and track your business resources.

The EAS solutions developed by XB Software represent a suite of integrated applications for resource planning, workforce and facility management, project management, and data storage. We offer the development of cloud-based web and mobile EAS systems and integrate applications with reputable cloud providers.

If you are in need of a small and lightweight enterprise application, we can create a business management solution customized for your business/industry and tailored to your specific needs.

XB Software has years of experience in developing secure and reliable logistics management and GPS tracking systems starting from project prototyping to developing the core framework, web server, and add-ins API.

The features we provide can include engine diagnostics, route optimization, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, metrics dashboard, breakthrough accident detection, fuel consumption monitoring, and any additional custom features you require.

Also, we can easily integrate your system with external services and improve your driver and fleet productivity, using advanced mapping technologies: Google, Bing and Yandex maps, as well as OpenStreetMap.

One more key focus area of XB Software company is creating software solutions for real estate agencies and other players of the market. For this business, on the one hand, an individual approach to the client is typical, and on the other hand, there are clear processes and standards in the work of real estate agents.

We develop solutions that help to set ambitious goals and achieve them through information management and analysis, customizable workflows, workforce management, tracking and leads control, and many others. Top-notch real estate solutions provide the best user experience on any device, which is quite essential for staff in the fields.

XB Software offers these custom real estate software solutions:

Also, additional specific modules – communication apps and chatbots, virtual tours – and integrations with third-party specific apps and web-services can be implemented.

Increasing efficiency of manufacturing processes by implementing contemporary IT software is vital for a company, and we can help you to achieve this goal. The solutions we offer help minimize equipment downtime, increase production security, and automate routine tasks.

Our solutions help tremendously in expenses reduction, company’s general efficiency boost, and make interaction between departments a lot better.

The following development services are provided by XB Software to all manufacturing companies in need:

If you don’t want your company to get stuck in challenges often occurring in the construction industry, you need to implement technology-driven software. Due to the experience we gained over many years working with different construction companies, we know how to accelerate your business. Modern problems require modern solutions, and our help in developing effective tools significantly saves costs and improves construction processes.

XB Software has a great expertise in the field of construction software development. Our company offers solutions that minimize security risks and give you better control over construction equipment.

We hear the requirements and goals you have and can ensure you of implementing the best solutions we offer:

Other Technologies and Frameworks

Usability and performance are the most valuable attributes of modern applications. Data visualization can either make or break the usability of an app, especially when it deals with a huge amount of data.

If you need to capture and process data and do it in real time, and if your data comes in large and complex formats, we can help you to aggregate your data from various sources and make their visual representation very effective.

Our in-house developed and powerful Webix online data visualization tools and widgets allow you to render data to tables, Gantt charts, and diagrams. Webix Charts can load data from XML, JSON, JSArray and CSV formats with ease.

Other Webix data visualization widgets include:
Pivot, which creates interactive embedded table reports
Kanban board, which visualizes day-to-day workflows
File Manager that clusters and manages your data
in folders and files
Spreadsheet that builds feature-rich spreadsheets similar
to Excel tables and Google Sheets

Besides Webix, we also work with DHTMLX JavaScript UI library and other tools and technologies.

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