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Custom Software for Real Estate to Serve Your Business 360°

Do you need staff, clients, tenants, vendors, and working sources integrated into one system interacting as a living organism?

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Your Benefits From Real Estate Software Development

We offer you a complex all-in-one custom real estate software development to advance your business, not the software itself.

Complex Approach
centralize information from various sources, store in one system and make informed business decisions through qualitative analytics at every step
encourage engagement of all market players through your official website integrated with your inner company’s portal
Better Customer Service
monitor your marketing, clients, and sales process
give all market players the best service inside your 360° system
save the history of communications through any channel, analysis and forecasting
organize support and feedback
Enhanced Staff Efficiency
simplify and make the work comfortable for field staff with a mobile app
manage staff and their load
monitor staff performance
schedule demonstrations
Analytics and Processes
raise effectiveness through the work process automation
prevent time-losses and duplicated efforts of data manual entry through third-party services integration
take advantages of AR/VR demos and video demos
process payments and accounting
manage your listings easily

Real Estate Management Software Development

XB Software performs custom software development for the real estate industry:

Full-featured ERP
Real estate
advanced CRM
Company’s official
specific modules

If you want to develop a real estate app from scratch or advance and upgrade an existing solution, we have the relevant experience in the real estate sector and appropriate level technical specialists for you! Get a free consultation from our experts.

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Any component can be developed as separate real estate software solutions if you don’t need the whole.