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TypeScript Development Services

Taking the best components of different programming languages and merging them together to get the perfect web application built on Typescript that is less prone to errors.

TypeScript is a typed language that builds on JavaScript, takes the best of various languages, like Java, C++, etc., and lets you merge them with more modern scripting languages, such as JavaScript, Ruby, and so on. Its structure is not so complex and more effective, which helps you to make the chosen languages less buggy during the development process. There are also many frameworks that support TypeScript out of the box and let you work with React.

With this amazing technology, XB Software can provide the best user experience implemented in the solutions your company wants to utilize.

We can find bugs much faster and ensure the stability of any solution before it goes live.

We give our clients custom web development services and support in custom TypeScript mobile development depending on their needs.

Our Webix JavaScript UI Library supports this technology and gives you an opportunity to use Webix widgets along with. DHTMLX JavaScript UI Tools can also be used with this programming language in many cases.

The development process can be highly improved when using TypeScript. Our company can support you in building faster and innovative applications that will suit your goals and needs.

Why Choose TypeScript Technology

XB Software experts have broad technology expertise in building the best solutions for the clients, which is why we can assist you in developing web and mobile software, dealing with a large codebase, as well as merging TypeScript and React. The development process with this technology is what many companies choose, and this is why:

Perfect both for frontend and backend
Optional static typing
Easier code management with types
Increased overall team performance
Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility
Working with large projects is easier
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) support
Trusted programming language
Powerful editor integration
Less bugs and errors

Why Hire TypeScript Developers from XB Software

We Do Our Best to Suit Your Goals

XB Software can offer custom software development services using TypeScript along with React or JavaScript depending on your requirements and objectives. We can start with an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) or take your idea, enhance it, and improve according to your goals and business strategy.

Front-end Web App Development

Having many years of experience, we can assist you during any development stage. Whether you are only starting, thinking about migrating to TypeScript, or you are already in the software development process – XB Software is here to support you. We focus on the result and follow the trends. We are always open to know your vision about using TypeScript to implement it the best way possible.

Front-end Modernization

With the products our company developed, it is possible to include them into the process while using TypeScript and make the software development even more effective. We value the needs of our customers and want to offer what is best for them. With the solutions we offer along with the TypeScript development services we provide, your business will be able to thrive among others.

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