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HR Software Development

Employees are one of the key resources for your business success.

Get the ability to manage human resources efficiently with the custom HRM system.

Why Do You Need HR Software?

HR systems allow improving time and human resources management by automating business processes starting from recruiting and ending with employee performance monitoring.

HR Software Development Services

XB Software has a proven experience in HR Tech development. We have built a lot of successful HR products for our clients worldwide. Depending on your needs, we can offer:

HRM module or all-in-one
HRM system development
HR system integration into
your ERP software
Legacy (web or desktop) HRM application modernization
HRM mobile app
UX re-design and UI
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Key Modules of Your Future HR System

Performance management module
Employee development module
Onboarding module
Recruitment module
Payroll management module
Time & attendance tracking module
Performance management module
Collect, store and analyze all employee data in real-time, score your staff and make data-driven decisions.
Employee development module
Give your HR the ability to develop training programs and monitor their completions.
Onboarding module
Make all employees hiring steps faster and easier with a module for an effective employee onboarding tasks tracking.
Recruitment module
Automate all recruiting tasks from new vacancy creating and posting on specialized job portals to candidates CVs filtering and reviewing.
Payroll management module
Free your HR department from tons of paperwork and repeating daily activities by automating all business processes.
Time & attendance tracking module
Automate your employees' time and attendance tracking with reports that will be automatically sent to a payroll provider.

We can create a custom HRM system from scratch or develop and integrate an HR module into your existing ERP application.

Benefits of a Custom HR Software

Preventing human errors by automating business processes
Extensive reporting to identifying points for further improvements
Getting valuable insights for decision-making due to in-depth analytics
Handling routine HR tasks easier by digitizing documents and keeping them in one place
Improved employee performance and KPIs monitoring
Cost-effective recruiting and transparent onboarding process

Why choose XB Software for HR Software Development?

Extensive development experience allows us to create top-notch products for our clients
We are committed to long-term cooperation and have built stable partnerships with many of our clients
We’ve built an HRM system for a company consisting of more than 1000 employees
We are an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company
We use cutting edge technologies and apply our own products, which allows speed-up development

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