Cross Platform App Development

Creating top-notch cross platform mobile applications to run on multiple platforms for
worldwide presence of your business

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Cross-platform development is the best way to cut the cumulative cost for a mobile application. It helps your business to reduce upgrade costs, time-to-market and to reach more users and followers without loss of quality. Using cross platform mobile application development XB Software makes a way for its customers to invest in IT solutions that reduce efforts.

Our proper development team is a pundit in PhoneGap, Webix and other popular technologies and frameworks. We create cross-platform apps that deliver the same amazing features as native mobile apps. XB Software development company has real-life, proven experience in creating efficient cross platform applications to engage your potential users on any platform and devices.

Benefits for Business

If your company puts costs and a time-to-market in the first place, cross platform app development fits the bill.

With cross platform mobile app development you get:
significant reduction of development costs
time-saving without sacrificing on usability and key features of an application
reduced management risks with a dedicated mobile development team
a broader target audience
a chance to enter new markets on the global scale
increase cross platform application revenues
Cross platform mobile app development

XB Software is not just an ordinary mobile apps development company. We create highly flexible, modern, user-friendly and innovative solutions for touch devices. Our software development company offers a proven communication model that starts with a comprehensive analysis of your business goals and IT requirements to ensure that eventually, the right cross-platform application development will be provided both quickly and cost-effectively. We always care about project’s aims and deadlines.

XB Software’s expertise and competence of the cross-platform app development is capably demonstrated in the robust and useful mobile apps that were developed.

Cross platform mobile app development

Key Solutions We Focus On

Customer Relationship Management
Geolocation Apps
Project Management System
Resource Management System
Healthcare Apps
Media Content Distribution and Management
Social Networking Apps

Cross-Platform Frameworks and Tools We Use

Our skilled development team will create various mobile apps to meet your business needs using cross-platform tools. We have vast real-life experience in cross platform application development and guarantee the best result whether you need a simple viable solution or a complex mobile application with third-party integrations.

XB Software team is highly experienced in the modern cross-platform technologies such as PhoneGap and Webix.


An open-source framework PhoneGap that provides different options for competitive and rapid cross-platform app development. The key benefit of PhoneGap is that it reduces development time and costs, and helps companies faster deliver multi-featured cross-platform apps to the market and within their budgets.

XB Software can boast an extensive knowledge and practical experience in cross-platform application development using PhoneGap. We have created powerful apps on PhoneGap to administer workflow in companies, geolocation mobile apps and GPS vehicle tracker apps, call center software solutions, healthcare messaging apps, and more.

PhoneGap app development


A cross-browser, cross-platform JavaScript framework Webix that allows creating interactive apps using JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 both on desktop and touch devices out of a box. All the Webix components and widgets smoothly operate and have a good performance both on touch devices (smartphones and tablets) and on PCs and laptops.

Flexible layouts, unlimited extensibility, guided look-and-feel, and intuitive API allowed XB Software team to develop mobile apps for different business goals: workforce and facility management apps, healthcare apps, applications for logistics and more.

Webix mobile app development

Custom Support and Mobile QA testing

Mobile apps testing has rapidly become a highly specialized QA feature given the rapid growth of touch devices, mobile platforms and standards, and consumer apps.

Our skilled QA team provides mobile testing services to ensure that the created cross-platform application meets your business goals and correctly operates on all mobile platforms.

Moreover, we render custom support for all our clients at every stage of the project.

Why Clients Choose XB Software

Сompetitive project rates and
client-centric IT Infrastructure
Agile methodology
Agile streamlined development methodology
End-to-end solutions
End-to-end cross platform solutions
Talented and skillful team of cross-platform
developers and designers
Complete and clear project visibility and
Transparency of deliverables
high ROI
Cross platform apps that guarantee high ROI
Awesome performance
Awesome performance of applications that are
built with a single code on all major mobile
maintenance and support
Application maintenance and support

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