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Supply Chain Software Development

We develop powerful supply chain management (SCM) software that gives better control of all logistics processes and increases their visibility.

Custom fleet management systems and supply chain management (SCM) software allow companies to manage their supply chain network effectively. Properly designed SCM software can be an excellent solution for automating logistics processes and reducing overall costs.

XB Software’s developers have significant expertise in building custom logistics and supply chain solutions. With our approach, we can build comprehensive and flexible software solutions to help you enhance delivery capacity and automate procurement management. Also, our custom-made software increases process transparency, reduces vehicle downtime, and saves resources.

Custom Supply Chain Management Software Development Services That We Provide

We can develop custom SCM software that enables any business to automate logistics processes, optimize supply chains, and efficiently manage employees. Our custom-made SCM software solutions can help a company of any size to streamline traditional supply chain, transportation, and warehouse management processes.

Logistics Software Development Services

We develop custom logistics systems that allow enterprises to track their inventory updates in real time, plan and manage their transportation processes, simplify freight operations, reduce workforce costs, and enhance customer services.
Our logistics software can improve internal workflows and optimize delivery routes.

Supply Chain Management Transformation Services

We help enterprises to transform their supply chain by relying on clear commercial vision. Our development team combines best practices and top-notch supply chain and cloud solutions that help to reduce manufacturing costs, optimize lead times, improve asset utilization, and streamline logistics processes.

Custom Supply Chain Software Development

XB Software has substantial experience in building comprehensive software solutions tailored to your business workflow. The list of our solutions for supply chain management includes automation services, inventory management apps, demand planning, e-commerce integration, logistics, and warehouse management solutions.

Inventory Management Solutions

We can develop and integrate inventory management software solutions that enable you to track your inventory, manage orders, monitor sales andensure that all deliveries will be made on time.

Our systems allow companies to optimize inventory management at all levels, get accurate information in real time, avoid product overstock and outages, and improve inventory replenishment planning.

Core Business Benefits of Adopting Supply Chain Software

Improved client service
Streamlining the entire distribution process and achieving fast response times means you’ll be able to increase clients' loyalty.
Enhanced communication
Provide better communication and cooperation with dealers and vendors thanks to real-time data exchange.
Real-time monitoring
It will ensure efficient management of all orders and reduce the number of delays.
More efficient supply chain management models allow business to reduce time on paperwork thanks to e-document management.
Operational transparency
Our apps can provide company management with relevant and accurate information about warehouse activities, inventory management, and logistics processes.
Process optimization
You can achieve improved performance and productivity thanks to business processes automation and end-to-end visibility of your supply chain.

We Provide a Full-Cycle Development of SCM Software

In-depth analysis and research of business needs
Quality assurance and software testing
UI/UX prototyping and design from scratch
Full-cycle software development
Planning and defining features for future projects
Software maintenance and technical support

Streamline your inventory management flow with comprehensive supply chain management software

Cutting-Edge Technologies in SCM We Use

Artificial Intelligence
  • Automatic decision-making without human intervention or control
  • Machine vision and perception
  • Speech recognition, etc.
Advanced Analytics
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Big data

* Makes sense with the presence of pre-collected information

Internet of Things

Measurement, tracking, and monitoring of location, temperature, humidity, light, handling, speed of movement and other environmental factors for storage and transportation control.

Robotic Process Automation

Bots that execute repetitive, rules-based tasks like gathering and comparing data from multiple systems, reading and writing to databases, or extracting and reformatting data into reports and dashboards.

Augmented Reality
  • For quality and time improvement of loading operations for transportation.
  • For the increase of speed and accuracy of picking in warehouses.
  • Trace each product to its source and its quality condition through different parties.
  • Tracking all the purchase orders, change orders, receipts, trade-related details.

A comprehensive supply chain software solution can include the following modules

supply chain software solution
Material requirements planning (MRP)
Electronic data interchange (EDI) module
Warehouse management
Order management systems (OMS)
Assets tracking
Inventory management

Why Choose XB Software as Your SCM Software Developer

Reliable Software Provider
Full-cycle development process, clean and easy-to-manage source code
High Security
We are an ISO certified company and work under information security management standards
Cutting-Edge Technologies
We use modern techniques and programming languages
Flexibility and Transparency
We understand that every business challenge is unique and use an individual approach with our clients
Time Planning
One of the main rules we follow is to work in compliance with deadlines
Further Support
We always provide reliable software maintenance and support services

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