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Webix JavaScript UI Library Expertise

Creating rich and interactive UIs for custom web apps using Webix JavaScript UI Library

Webix is a flexible and extremely fast JavaScript UI framework with HTML5 widgets that helps to develop cross-platform HTML5 and CSS3 compatible web and mobile applications. It is an ideal tool for building rich and powerful apps that can operate on all popular platforms. The library consists of 100+ adaptive UI widgets and feature-rich CSS / HTML5 JavaScript controls.

Our seasoned developers are ready to aid and showcase the best way to implement the Webix framework into your current or future projects. XB Software always aspires to create web apps with unique and innovative UIs that make the process faster and more efficient.

Why Choose Webix For Your Apps

With the huge number of widgets that Webix Javascript UI Library provides as well as cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, it is possible to meet the most complicated JavaScript web development requests. Moreover, these UI components can be easily integrated into existing apps due to their customizing and adapting features. It is without doubt a very useful development assistant and a cutting-edge JavaScript tool.

Gives you opportunity to build a top-notch and maintainable code
Presents large amounts of data in a clear and structured way
Offers high data handling rate for massive Data Tables, Trees, Lists, etc.
Includes both the tools for building desktop web apps and for creating useful mobile apps
Operates on any touchscreen device that runs on iOS, Android, or Windows 10
Works with all known and existing browsers
Backbone.js, Angular.js, jQuery, React.js, Vue.js, Meteor, 3d party UI extensions integration and lightweight .js file
Supports any server-side technology, such as PHP, ASP.NET, Java, and Ruby
Meets the WAI-ARIA standards and adds accessibility support

How Can Webix Improve Your Business

The benefits of applying Webix UI components for business

Allows to reduce routine
work and costs

Due to continuous and instant updates of the UI widgets and multifunctional CSS / HTML5 JavaScript controls, web and mobile apps can be built faster and more effectively. Webix provides various components that are ready for use and integration, such as Pivot Table, Kanban Board, JavaScript Spreadsheet, and others. Besides that, you can also get a complex solution in a single bundle.

Continues to scale up
as business grows

The use of Webix JavaScript UI library in your apps allows easy tuning-up of the existing components and building new ones without breaking the functionality.

Saves time and human resources

JavaScript UI widgets library allows a web development team to create web and mobile apps a lot faster. It also makes the scalability process easier and further app development process simpler. The time of developers is saved because of the created comprehensive documentation and constantly updated interactive tutorials.

Offers clear and easy data
presentation with amazing design

Webix provides several easy-to-use tools. Thus, the Code Snippet tool is ideal for prototyping JS dashboards. Form Builder is intended for creating web forms. Skin Builder is perfect for setting user interface styles. Micro Framework is used for combination and reuse of JS controls that will help you to develop web or mobile apps, coming up with eye-catching design. Due to the instant updates of HTML5 components, different solutions for animated and highly interactive dashboards can be created. Moreover, it allows a customer to get faster work of web apps even with large DataTables, Trees, and Lists.

Allows to work from anywhere,
on any device

Webix is a multifunctional JavaScript UI library that works on all modern web platforms, the latest versions of all existing browsers, as well as mobile platforms.

Web Applications Developed with Webix UI Library

Webix UI library allows building application interfaces for the custom apps quickly, spending a minimum of efforts. Our development expertise is wide, which is why fast operating and effective application is possible in:

Logistics Solutions
Financial Analytical Solutions
Workflow Application For Businesses
Project Management Systems
Data Storage Applications
Data Visualization Systems
CRM Systems
Research Tools
e-Commerce Solutions

Why Hire Webix Development Team from XB Software

Webix Customization
and Development

Deep expertise in Webix and strong experience in full cycle custom app development allows the XB Software team to create custom solutions cut to the clients’ individual needs.

Experienced Web
Development Team

In-depth understanding of the Webix technology allows us to offer fast and easy customization and development services to any company.

Support services
and maintenance

Our team can help you to get the most out of the XB Software solutions and products, achieve rapid ROI, solve your most pressing business challenges, and deliver great employee, partner, and customer experiences.

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