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Front-end Development Company

We know that a perfect-looking user interface plays a significant role in overall web or mobile app success and will create for you a fast performing responsive solution working seamlessly on any device.

Qualified Front-end Development Services

A modern front-end plays a decisive role for brands in adding value and providing rich user experience. XB Software has proven expertise by over 200 successful projects done around the globe. Our professionals are excellent in front-end development of a vast array of solutions, be it a web or mobile app, single-page applications, web portals, or any other. Skilled XB Software front-end developers help you to get a competitive advantage through the great UI of your app.

We offer You Front-end Development Services

UX/UI Design and Development

Have an idea of a future app but do not know where to start? We help you to pick up and formulate requirements and create the mockups of the interface according to your vision of the app. This way you will get clear visuals of the future app.

Web App Front End Development

Already have mockups and want to transform it to the front-end part of your app? Say no more. Applying modern technologies our experienced front-end developers will do their best to create UI that converts and attracts.

Front-end modernization

You have a working app but it has an outdated user interface? Do not rush to refuse it and build a new app from scratch. We can redesign a front-end part to make it easy and intuitive. We save you money and eliminate the necessity to adopt a new solution.

Technologies We Use in Front-end Development

XB Software drives innovation through technologies for efficiency, scale, and engagement of your interfaces.

We Also Use Our Own Products For Front-end Development

Our products help to save you time and money on front-end development significantly. They provide easy customization and integration, unlimited extensibility, cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.

Webix JavaScript UI Framework which consists of ready-made widgets that help to reduce development time significantly.

DHTMLX JavaScript UI Library helps us to build for our client fast-performing web applications with rich user interface.

What We Care About

High Performance

The speed of an app matters a lot for users, so we follow best practices in front-end development.


The interface looks eye-pleasing, well-organized, user-friendly and works smoothly on any device.

Rich User Experience

The interfaces we create meet the requirements of dynamism and interactivity.

Robust Development

We use our own products Webix and DHTMLX to speed up development to the maximum.

Looking for a front-end development company to entrust your project or idea?

Why Choose XB Software for Front-end Development

Thorough study before development

We go into deep research of the domain and customer’s
requirements to target your business objectives.

UI/UX elaboration

For result-focused front end, UI/UX experts fulfill
the series of tests and user behavior researches.

XB Software drives innovations

The company developed its own product – Webix, a JavaScript UI Library that allows to speed up the creation of outstanding front-end solutions.

Clear code and testing

The customer gets a top-quality result
after the code review and series of tests.

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