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XB Software is a full-cycle custom software development company located in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). Founded in 2008, we have evolved into a strong team of dedicated and trusted IT professionals ready to undertake all the web development related tasks that help you meet your business needs.

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Reliable, high-quality, full-cycle development of custom web applications tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Reliable full-cycle development


At XB Software we are more than just an outsourcing company. Yes, we deliver IT solutions to companies who want to outsource web apps development, and yes we also help clients to speed up time to market by providing quality IT solutions on demand. But what sets us apart from the herd is the fact that we develop our own successful web products too, so we can share the valuable experience we gain along the way with our clients. Plus, we keep our house in order with our own dedicated QA team, because we aim to deliver the best, and only the best will do. For XB Software our clients are our partners, and we’re keen to build long-term relationships built on trust and excellence.

Dedicated team

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Financial Services
Information Technology
Business Services
Customer Services

Key solutions

Data visualization
Data visualization software
Video chat apps
Video chat apps
Fleet management and geolocation apps
Fleet management and
geolocation apps
Enterprise resource planning software
Enterprise resource
planning software
XB Software Positioning

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Expert Web Development Team

Our staff includes specialists with PMP certification, PhD. in IT (Computer Science), certified Node.js, React.js and MongoDB developers. Our other qualified web specialists (including QA engineers, business analysts and project managers) complete the picture to handle your tasks successfully. Our developers also speak fluent English.

Dedicated team

Skilled Bughunters

XB Software’s dedicated software testing team is ready to cover your QA outsourcing needs for all steps of web development. We can handle full life-cycle software testing services for projects of any difficulty in the shortest time.


Competitiveness and Transparency

We deliver top-quality IT services and solutions at competitive prices and on a tight schedule. With XB Software, you’ll get quality work done within a reasonable budget and time frame. See what our clients say about us.

Competitiveness and Transparency


Our approach is client-centric and very flexible. Client satisfaction is important to us so we always work in an atmosphere of cooperation and common purpose.


Cutting Edge Web Development

We harness cutting-edge technologies and languages to offer top-notch web development along with a wide range of services including business analysis, quality assurance and full lifecycle software testing.

Agile Methodologies

Best practices underpin our management of all software projects. To improve the development process and make it transparent to you, the customer, we build our workflow using the most suitable and effective methodologies, like Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall, either alone or in combination.

Agile Methodologies
4front meetup and hackathon for web developers


What The Hack? It’s actually the name of a hackathon for web developers, and we arrange popular meetups like this and 4front in Belarus to help the community here thrive.

What the Hack
XB Software web products


We created an ultra-fast JavaScript UI Components library called Webix, along with open source tools like EnjoyCSS and EnjoyHint. We’re proud to see them gaining in popularity among web developers all over the world.

Service lines

Custom Web App
Custom Web App Development
Webix Customization
and Development
Webix Customization and Development
Hybrid and Cross-platform
Mobile Development
Hybrid and Cross-platform Mobile Development
Team Augmentation
Developers/QA Team Augmentation
UI/UX development
Application UI/UX development
XB Software received ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates. We are proud that XB Software is among the 29% of respondents of the Hi-Tech Park of Belarus that have passed ISO 9001 certification and among the 12% that have passed ISO 27001 certification.

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XB Software is a leading outsourcing software development company that renders top-notch and cost-effective services in web app development, business analysis and quality assurance.

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