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Energy & Utilities Software Development

We deliver high-quality energy software development solutions that help to deal with the major challenges in the Energy, Oil & Gas, and Utilities industry by providing custom SaaS platforms, project management solutions, and more.

Challenges Energy and Utilities Companies Can Come Across

Today’s digital world is evolving and so does the Energy and Utilities industry. Various custom-built digital solutions that make the energy business sector greener occur more often than it was in the past. Solar, geothermal, wind, hydropower, and other types of Renewable Energy Software are actively used nowadays to help companies overcome modern issues.

Digital Transformation

The increment of initial expenses and market competitiveness leads to the need of optimization.

Regulatory Requirements

Government can regulate prices and services of a business that results in following certain restrictions.

Legacy Infrastructure

Legacy systems can cause integration issues or even inability for workers to use technical equipment.

Data Management

Issues related to data gathering can cause delays in project approvals, their progression, and completion.

Project Management

Obsolete or inefficient principles of managing projects and teams lead to deadlines and unreasonable overwork.

Inefficient Use of Resources

The need of using renewables to control and reduce energy consumption causes companies to reconsider their strategies.

Positive Impact of Custom Energy and Utilities Software Solutions on Your Business

Energy efficiency and saving
Better tracking and forecasting
Accurate data-driven analytics and visualization
Automated task management
Remote monitoring and analysis
Higher security and lower risks

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Energy and Utilities Software Development Services We Offer

ERP Solutions for Energy & Utilities Industry
Custom SaaS Platform for Energy Monitoring
Project & Resource Management Software
Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management
Energy & Utility Management Systems
ERP Solutions for Energy & Utilities Industry

Implementing an ERP system is a sure way to optimally manage as well as improve performance and effectiveness of the company operations. We can offer a custom ERP solution that may be integrated along with human resource, financial, supply chain, CRM, and/or other modules and adapted to your business needs.

Custom SaaS Platform for Energy Monitoring

We provide cloud-based and easily scalable SaaS application development solutions, which are perfect for those companies and startups that deliver and support energy software for a significant number of users. Our team offers custom energy management software development services that can fit your needs.

Project & Resource Management Software

Gathering information, monitoring tasks, and automating other business processes is a lot easier after building energy management software. We develop various project management applications with the use of JavaScript UI framework for high-speed web and mobile app development, such as Webix and DHTMLX.

Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management

XB Software has many years of experience in providing supply chain software development services. Our team can assist in developing custom energy & utilities software that will give you better control over the logistics processes.

Energy & Utility Management Systems

We offer the best solutions in developing energy management platforms. They help their users in streamlining operations related to production, consumption, and distribution whether you run a business, utility, or startup. You can also manage costs, consumption, service time, and quality of your products better by using bespoke IoT systems covering smart buildings, smart homes, smart meters, and smart devices.

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