Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Assuring Your Sites and Apps High Quality and Reliability

The dedicated team of QA engineers from XB Software renders quality assurance support by providing high-quality software testing services.

We conduct full lifecycle testing that covers the main stages of project development starting from requirements testing at the software design stage and completing with final testing at the release and deployment stage.

We also provide advanced testing services to ensure quality control of your products. We make sure it is competitive, user-friendly, SEO-optimized and meets the requirements of your target audience.

Full Life Cycle Software Testing Full Life Cycle Software Testing

We deliver full life cycle testing that embraces all stages of product development process as well as advanced testing services, such as SEO testing, mobile testing, internationalization (localization) testing, exploratory testing, game and desktop app testing and usability testing.

Dedicated Testing Team Outsourcing Dedicated Testing Team Outsourcing

We have high-skilled QA engineers to outsource your testing job at a good price. The dedicated QA team consists of experienced certified QA engineers who have successfully tested over 100 projects in different industries, asserting themselves as highly devoted and diligent specialists who will test every single element of your site or app to make sure it runs flawlessly.

Free Trial Testing Free Trial Testing

To get an idea how our QA team works, you can request free trial testing of your vCard site, web service, online shop, mobile or desktop app or other product. We will do the testing within a reasonable time frame and come up with a detailed report containing detected bugs and recommendations for your product improvement.

Featured Case Studies in Software Testing

Why Choose Website Development by XB Software?

  • Our skilled QA engineers have an average experience of 5+ years in dedicated testing
  • We have successfully tested over 100 sites and apps
  • We use a custom approach in software testing for each particular client
  • We document every step to ensure high quality of testing
  • We use Agile methodologies and metrics for process improvement
  • Our workflow is transparent and you can communicate directly with each team member
  • We use continuous integration systems (CI) to improve software quality
  • We provide our QA engineers with consistent training in quality control and quality management
  • Our team has expertise with Selenium, Jmeter, Firebug and other automated testing tools
  • You can test your site or app using our free trial testing service
  • We assure quality of all tested projects

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