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React.js is one of the trendiest JavaScript open source library available today. Created by Facebook, it is used not only to make Facebook products but is also widely adopted in production by a variety of other popular companies like Instagram, Yahoo!, Airbnb, Sony, and others.

Our React.js developers have solid experience in custom React.js software development. We enhance existing UIs and create robust fronted driven by React.js technology.

Why Companies Choose React.js Development?

With React.js you can easily split pages or features into smaller components that can be reused in other parts of a website. Generally, it means that a web app consists of separate, independent components, which include smaller components, and so on.

Why is it good? Breaking an application down into separate modules can be beneficial both for the development and for the product in the long run. At the app development stage, it helps to design a smarter architecture that will be more tolerant to changes in business requirements, will allow paralleling jobs between many developers, and generally reduces the delivery time of a product.

Dynamic growth in the number of big projects built on React.js confirms that there is a future for web app creation on React.js. That’s why we increasingly apply this technology to new projects that we create.

When Consider React.js for Your Web Apps?

React.js app development is a perfect idea for any small, medium, or large enterprise. React.js capabilities, such as easy scalability and fault tolerance, allows for building web projects of different complexity levels.

Why Consider React Native for Your Mobile App?

Facebook’s React Native is a trendy technology and is considered to be the future of hybrid application development. It’s the perfect framework to build native mobile applications. The use of React Native and JavaScript helps develop mobile apps for Android and iOS that are visually rich and functionally strong.

React mobile apps have the speed, look, and feel as well as the functionality of native mobile applications. The combination of HTML and JavaScript allows React.js developers to write reusable code. The ability to reuse React components allows businesses to easily augment existing applications without any code rewriting. That reduces time and costs and allows for creating high-performance apps with appealing UIs.

In fact, React Native is created to build fantastic mobile UIs which are highly responsive.

The Core Benefits You Get Using React.js

Implementation of new technologies is intended to make life easier for developers and reduce delivery time for the client. React.js is one of the most rapidly growing technologies that offer special benefits, such as:

It allows building high-performance websites.
It helps to build search-friendly web applications.
It allows separating the website into reusable modules, which simplifies its support and reduces the impact of one component of the whole application.
React Native
React Native allows moving a project built on React.js to the mobile platform with ease.
Its functionality is constantly being expanded.

Key React.JS Development Services

  • React.js UX/UI development
  • Frontend development services:
    • app modernization using React
    • custom React.js development from scratch

WebRTC Video Chat App with React.js

Why Hire ReactJS Developers from XB Software?

cool development team
Our React developers have experience in building React.js applications.
experienced developers
Our React team apply the latest, cutting-edge technologies and frontend development tools.
We arrange events, which are popular in Belarus and Eastern Europe, for frontend developers and hackathons.
We create clean HTML, CSS, and JS code for web apps and websites.
Our QA team ensures a high-quality of code by implementing functionality testing and look-and-feel testing.

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