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GPS Tracking Software Development

We develop custom GPS tracking solutions that allow monitoring and managing your fleet with ease.

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Business processes have become far more complex and smarter in recent years. That’s why it’s better to use a custom software solution that will help you to meet requirements and regulations, and also optimize all your business processes.

A custom GPS vehicle tracking system can become a crucial component of your success thanks to such fleet management benefits as enhanced productivity, better drivers’ behavior, and simplified workforce management. To help you meet all the mentioned requirements, our team can develop comprehensive GPS tracking software or integrate a GPS tracking module into an existing system to speed up cargo processing, provide real-time information on freight tracking, reduce the amount of paperwork involved and automate and optimize all logistics processes.

We Develop Comprehensive Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

XB Software has great expertise in creating professional GPS tracking software and fleet management solutions for transportation, logistics, and field sales and service industries. Our team carefully analyzes your business needs and develops software that provides the following features:

asset monitoring
vehicle monitoring
intuitive dashboards
visual calendars
calendar/drivers/orders synchronization
monitoring of driver activity and behavior
optimization of all scheduled activities with AI
driver management
GPS navigation
real-time tracking
delivery status tracking
alerts and notifications

The Core Benefits of Custom GPS Tracking Software

Automate drivers' management

The use of GPS vehicle tracking solutions allows you to get instant and reliable information about your drivers, their routes, and the current state of vehicles in a real-time mode. Moreover, your employees can create reports about their work on-the-fly. Also, such software boosts operational efficiency.

Full control over your assets

Custom-made GPS tracking software enables you to keep control over your assets which is crucial if you work with moving inventory. This feature allows you to improve customer service significantly. Moreover, such software helps you to track the exact location of your vehicles which eventually increases your control over your business.

Optimize resources and reduce costs

GPS vehicle tracking software allows you to monitor your fleet in real time, optimize the routes and get detailed information on fuel usage, driver behavior, engine idling, and other indicators. All this info can help to reduce your risks and decrease costs.

Enhanced security

GPS tracking and monitoring software enable you to secure a stolen vehicle even if it is miles away from you. In the case of untoward incidents, you can provide your drivers with immediate assistance and help them cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

Custom GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Allow Your Managers to:

Collect statistics about vehicles, deliveries, driving records. This data allows you to increase the safety of trips, reduce fuel costs, optimize routes, and more.
Provide better customer service by enhancing shipments aggregation and using route optimization.
Save costs on fleet maintenance by using maintenance alerts or service warnings displayed on drivers’ mobile devices.