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White Label Inventory Management System

Ready-made and simple but efficient white-label inventory management tool for automated tracking and management of corporate computer equipment.

White Label Warehouse and Inventory Management System top
White Label Warehouse and Inventory Management System bottom

Say goodbye to error-prone spreadsheets and discover the benefits of automatically tracking and managing an organization’s computer assets. Our computer inventory management system is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their operations. This white-label product can be customized and rebranded to suit your unique needs.

Benefits of Using White Label

Suitable for any business and ready for rebranding
No need to invest in research, development, production, or testing
Reduction of costs and resources spent on operations
Cheaper than name-brand products but same high quality

Inventory Management System Key Features

Real-Time Data and Reporting
Real-Time Data and Reporting
Real-Time Data and Management
View equipment by tags and keep record on its usage history
Edit asset information and its status
Search, refresh, download, and add hardware
Intelligent Inventory Management
Intelligent Inventory Management
Assets Dashboard
Check the list of all devices and their status
Find needed equipment fast using a data filter
On-demand data-driven predictions
Staff and Project Management
Staff and Project Management
Users and Project Management
See all users and their assigned equipment
Check the list of employees to find the right person for the asset
Let admin get more control over inventory management
Warehouse Automation
Comprehensive Reporting
Generate and view graphical analytics for your inventory
Choose time frame and equipment type
Graphs for equipment status, integrity, and usage
White Label Warehouse and Inventory Management System

Want to check our White Label Inventory Management System beforehand?

We can show you a Product Demo to help you understand if it’s what you’re looking for or if you need assistance from our developers.

Reasons to Choose Our Ready-Made Solution

We Have a Team of Experts Who Offer Assistance
Product That Can Be Improved with Custom Features
System Is Already Tested by Our Company
Real-Time Inventory Management and Monitoring
Faster Data Gathering and Analysis
Optimization and Better Control Over Storage

Why You May Need Inventory Management System

”I don’t have an inventory management system”

Of course, there are situations when companies don’t need inventory tracking systems, because they use Excel spreadsheets along with resource management applications. However, when time passes and their businesses grow, they start to realize that having inventory management software may be a better solution. With our product, you can have improved reporting processes, export and customization of Excel spreadsheets, and acquire more control over company’s assets and inventory and how employees use it.

”I want to have better control over my company’s inventory”

We understand how it’s important to have more efficient processes, which is why our system includes the features that make management procedures easier to deal with. Our white label product has a nice and simple dashboard so that users can check how many pieces of each type of equipment are available or need repair. The statistics gathered by the IT asset management system changes in real time to let you always have up-to-date information.

”I’m planning to integrate the product into the existing company’s ERP system”

This is a good idea, because the application can be easily integrated with other systems! We tested our warehouse inventory system with other software that we use in our company, and it works successfully. We needed to have it synched with our reporting system, and this product is able to take all required data on employees and current projects from it. Everything is synced and works as intended.

”I want to save money and start using asset inventory system right away”

We hear you. That is why we decided to offer our product to the public for free and give you the opportunity to use it as your own and choose what to do with it. It helps us to manage our own business procedures and inventory. It saved our time and resources for other projects and allowed our team to speed up the workflow.

”I look at the solution, but it doesn’t have what I need”

We know that not all solutions can be perfect for any client. Or, you may even simply have no idea what exactly you need. That is why we can also offer you warehouse management system development services and provide you with a team of dedicated specialists that will suggest you the features to implement and find faster ways to do so. We can customize this IT inventory management software to fit your needs or build a new one based on your requirements.

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