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Custom Software Development Services

Using clear and consistent processes for software development services, we create web-based solutions that users love. At XB Software, we believe that a powerful IT solution is able to transform your business and bring significant profits.

Your Success Begins with Our Full-Cycle Development Process


We will thoughtfully gather and analyze all project requirements and create a detailed specification that will become a guide in the development phase.


The full-cycle development has several stages starting from UX/UI wireframes and to front-end and back-end development. Each stage goes through the QA testing.


The full lifecycle testing starts with requirements gathering and analysis stage up to final testing at the product release and deployment stages.


To achieve stable system operation on the customer’s environment, we carefully work on deploying the system.


After the deployment stage, we provide a quality guarantee period and excellent customer support to ensure your app performs as you wish.

We also guarantee the full transparency of our software development process and services at all stages of building a project.

Business Domains We Serve

Real Estate
Logistics and Transportation
Information Technology
Travel and Hospitality

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Why Build Your Custom Software with XB Software?

What makes XB Software a unique development company is its rich experience in creating successful products and building effective solutions.


We have broad experience and great expertise in web development.


We are a reliable and result-oriented business partner.


We use Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) to create custom software.


We are an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company.


We are experienced in creating market-leading web products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between custom software solutions and off-the-shelf solutions?

To understand the difference between off-the-shelf solutions and custom-made software, it’s necessary to know the essence of these two notions. Off-the-shelf software is a system which already possesses a certain set of features, and you can start to use it immediately, after the license purchase. Meanwhile, a custom solution requires a long period of time for its development, and in the result a customer gains the functionality which had been requested on pre-development stage.

How can bespoke software development help your business?

Bespoke software can be a cost-efficient solution which will help your business to optimize the workflows, automate the inner processes and improve the interaction between departments.

What does bespoke software development mean?

Bespoke software development means development of the solution which is aimed at covering the needs of a certain customer or brand. Bespoke software development services presuppose defining the customer’s requirements and documenting them at the pre-development stage, and designing custom software on their basis. Owing to that, a customer may be 100% sure that the software would meet his/her specific business needs and will maximally optimize the existing workflows.

What are the advantages of custom software development?

Custom software has more chances to satisfy the business needs, in comparison with an off-the-shelf solution. Main advantages of this kind of solution are below:

  • Scalability and Flexibility
    Your system’s functionality develops as your business grows.
  • Cost Efficiency
    The investments in custom software development pay off in the long-term perspective.
  • High Customization Level
    Already developed software can be easily customized in accordance to your needs at the current moment.
How long does it take to develop custom software?

There are no certain time frames for custom software development, so it may vary. The period of time required for gaining the end product depends on many factors, such as: project size, the features it should possess, changes and adjustments made during the project progress. The process also involves such phases as defining and documenting the requirements on which basis the software will be developed, and testing which provides the assurance that the software functions properly and without any flaws.

How to estimate custom software development cost?

Different customers have different requirements and expectations from the tailor-made software. Therefore the costs may vary, and there is a list of factors that have the biggest impact on customized software development costs:

  • Project Size
    It goes without saying that the cost is very dependable on the project scope. The more clarification you give regarding the functionality, design and other details – the more precise estimation you will gain.
  • App Integration
    Integration with the third-party software causes certain difficulties, which in its turn lead to the additional expenses.
  • Creative Design
    The development of impeccable and creative UI/UX design also requires time and money investments.

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