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Expert IT Outsourcing Services

XB Software is a software development company that provides a wide range of web development services in the most popular server-side languages and frameworks.

We aim to provide your high-quality code quickly, thanks to a development team that is highly flexible and comfortable cooperating closely with our clients.

We guarantee transparency in all our outsourcing services. We can staff all stages of project development and provide extensive pre-sales, web development and after-sales support.

We have a team of expert analysts to help you identify the needs of your company and outline the best course of action. We will analyze the feasibility and cost-efficiency of your project, to provide you with strategic recommendations about necessary updates.

Profound Company Analysis

If you need help in improving your business strategy, our specialists will dive deep into your company structure and business processes, study your KPIs and framing documents, reveal the aspects that need improvement, and jointly with you, formulate a development plan focusing on your business priorities. See project scope management

Business Automation

If your goal is to improve efficiency by automating your business workflows, our analysts are ready to explore your processes and develop an automation software solution that will do that. We can create it, and also integrate it into your business, saving you time and money.

Ideas Workout

If you have a program idea, we'll study it thoroughly, consider all your 'nice to have' features, and with your cooperation, create a detailed specification for its further development to push your idea forward. See fixed price projects estimation templates.

This article will help you select the most appropriate type of contract for your project – FP (fixed price) vs T&M (time&materials).

User Interface Design

While prototyping apps, we pay much attention to user experience and interaction design.

We aim to create intuitive UIs that are a pleasure to use and which render perfectly both on desktop and mobile devices.

Our goal is to ensure the outstanding quality of each developed project. That's why XB Software pays so much attention to quality assurance and software testing. Both are integral part of the web app and software development process.

We have a team of certified QA engineers who monitor the quality of code through all stages of project development to ensure the high quality of every project we deliver.

We offer full lifecycle software testing services that can be tailored in accordance with your specific needs. Our qualified dedicated QA team is ready to carry out full-scale testing of your software.

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