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What Our Customers Say About Collaboration With Us

“...the cost was very reasonable for the quality we go. I intend to do more work in the future with this team”

The engagement with the sales team represented by Victor Sekushenko was painless. Victor provided all the needed information within a timely manner. The develpment team managed by Dmitry Raituzov was superb. They provided enough time to discuss the requirements, develped according to the spec and kept a weekly communication with our company.

We are very pleased witht he result. The code review from our side shows the quality of the product to be developed in a felxible way and mostly generic to the solution. Which means we are able to use the solution in other areas without having to re-write the application. Support by Dmitry was excellent; they never said no to anything we asked and was possible. To add, the cost was very reasonable for the quality we go. I intend to do more work in the future with this team.

Thanks you very much for the help

“The quality of the work was great, and I have used these to speed up my research/project development”
“We were extremely impressed with the quality of code and the lack of bugs and issues”

XB Software was able to deliver quality code ahead of schedule. The team exceeded the expectations of the client with their proper debugging, attention to detail, and prompt communication. Taking it a step further, they even offered suggestions to improve the initial design.

“XB Software exceeded expectations and delivered the product in a speedy turnaround. Dedication and expertise are hallmarks of this development company high-quality work.”

Dave Conlan

Managing Director at BackGate
“Our cooperation went well. I'd highly recommend them”

His is the first time we have partnered with XB Software, but I’m sure not the last. They do have extensive experience in creating real-time vehicle management systems, and that’s what our company needed. XB Software also provides optimal pricing, on-time project delivery and attention to details.

"XB Software did a fantastic job"

The end client was satisfied with the final project and applauded XB Software’s work. The team remained on budget and delivered quality product development.

“Nice team, great job!”

XB software’s team always completes any assignment on time and to a high standard.

Considers problems as a challenge and enjoys finding creative yet appropriate solutions.

They are able to work on their own solutions, but also works well with a group to solve problems.

Always succeeds in explaining ideas clearly. They also have the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying, to understand and then to respond appropriately.

Conversations with XB Software are two-way. They will always willingly and successfully try to do what is required, even if it means performing tasks that are not in the job description or if required to do extra work unexpectedly.

I really appreciate the job done and strongly recommend!

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“The quality of the code and software is always quite high”

The team has enabled the client to continue getting funds as well as improve research productivity. The quality of software has also continued to increase and there have been few communication issues. XB Software proves to be a reliable team as they meet deadlines and maintain a high-quality output.

“They stood out in terms of technical expertise, willingness, and commitment to projects”

XB Software’s work resulted in the company’s ability to offer their customers more functionality. Customers became more engaged and now use more data. The team produces high customer satisfaction through their ability to understand the projects needs and deliver high-quality results.

“Can recommend XB software at any time”

XB software customized a Gantt visualization for our company.

I found XB software to be extremely reliable, competent and committed during our collaboration.

The communication was very satisfactory and the delivery dates were met.

For this reason, I can recommend XB software at any time.

We found XB Software to be extremely professional, starting with understanding requirements, recommending alternative design options, meeting deadlines with a high-quality software development product.

Shreekanth Vankamamidi

Director at App Orchid Inc
“Their aptitude and attitude were excellent and they were a pleasure to work with”

XB Software developed the software based on the requirements given. Also, the code was well-organized for easier future maintenance and upgrade. The team made an extra effort to learn the technology and suggest better ideas for features to implement.

“XB team is a pleasure to work with”

XB proved to be a great partner on many levels. They provided expert advice during the design phase, delivered a top-quality finished product, and were extremely responsive throughout the process. Overall, XB team is a pleasure to work with.

“They know what they do and how work should be done without any fuss”

In their ongoing engagement, XB Software has shown they have what it takes to get the job done. The team is serious about providing excellent work with its own developed web products. Overall, their customization of an existing DHTMLX Gantt chart tremendously helped the company to economize.

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