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A single-page application (SPA) is a web app or site that fits into one single page. SPA provides a more flexible, desktop-like user-experience and gives better performance.

It allows the development of a smoother and more controlled UX, hiding web complexity (requests, responses, etc.) SPA swaps only the content that is requested by the user, loading HTML data in chunks.

There are two types of SPA: one embeds the content of multiple pages into one ‘shell’ page; with the other, one single app uses Ajax to retrieve content whenever a user clicks a link, so only the content that changes will be updated on the page, while the rest of the page remains with no reloads.

Why You Need a Single Page Web App

  • It’s perfect if you have a large-scale app with a complex user interface and hundreds of content pages, and you need to satisfy a large and diverse audience (thousands of users) that uses multiple devices
  • If you need a super rapid site with dynamic data loading and improved UX
Single Page App

Advantages of Single Page Apps

  • Faster and snappier user experience
  • Decrease in page-load time
  • No reload or execution with each new page request
  • Dynamic loading of page or part of page’s content
  • Simpler interaction for end-user with a single page
Advantages of Single Page Apps

SPA Technologies and Frameworks We Use

single page app technologies

Some Single Page Apps That We Develop

  • CRM Systems
  • Data Storage Application
  • Project Management Systems
  • Resource Management Systems

Featured Single Page Apps

Why Choose XB Software

  • Our developers are proficient in developing single-page applications of both types and will gladly help you choose the type of single page app that suits your business best
  • We'll migrate your traditional multi-page site to a single page site
  • To ensure your app’s security, we will select a web host that offers reliable security measures
  • We'll make your single page app SEO-friendly, to avoid issues and ensure your site will be successfully crawled and indexed by search engines
  • Our dedicated QA team will make sure your app works flawlessly on all modern devices

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