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Golang Development Services

Hire experienced Golang developers to take advantage of using this fast, secure, and easy-to-scale technology. Choose a development tool that enables building state-of-the-art web apps with future-proof architecture

Go, or Golang is an open-source programming language developed by Google. The Go programming language was intended to address cross-platform, cloud-native, and performance challenges in web app development. It became an excellent choice for web applications, microservices, and backend systems that require high performance and work with a lot of traffic.

Benefits of Choosing Golang for Web Development

Execution Speed

As a compiled language with a lightweight footprint and automated garbage collection, the Go programming language typically outperforms many alternative languages in raw execution speed.

Concurrency Handling

Golang developers can use goroutines for efficient and effortless concurrency handling. This language handles many concurrent requests better than Java, PHP, or Python, making it ideal for high-traffic web apps.

Excellent for Microservices

Golang supports many tools, such as gRPC and Protocol Buffers, that allow building microservices to communicate via RPC. Developers can create a manifest describing RPC calls, and both server and client code can be generated from it.

Fast Compile Time

Golang development companies can benefit from the execution speed this language provides without the inconvenience of long compilation. Therefore, Golang’s fast compile times have become one of the significant productivity wins.

Enforced Code Formatting

Gofmt is a built-in tool that Golang web development companies can rely on. It automatically formats the source code following a set of specific rules, making it more straightforward to maintain the code base.

Easy to Work With

The Go programming language praises simplicity. It doesn’t introduce a large number of new concepts. For example, it has only 25 keywords. Its creators focused on developing a language that is easy to learn and work with.

Golang Development Services We Provide

Custom web application development

Golang web development allows us to leverage the language’s coding capabilities and create future-ready solutions

Cloud-native apps development

Fast execution, seamless containerization, and built-in concurrency support enable our developers to build fast and scalable apps

Microservices development

Hire Golang developers to allow the rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of large and complex applications

Software Modernization

We can update and modernize slow-performing and resource-intensive legacy systems using Golang

App Migration

If your web application cannot cope with high load, consider migrating it to Goland. We ensure hassle-free migration to the latest Golang versions

Enterprise Web App Development

We design and build large enterprise applications and deploy them effortlessly

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We Develop Web Solutions for Various Industries

Logistics and Transportation

Our solutions will allow you to optimize delivery routes, track assets in real-time, streamline communication, automate workflows, and improve data visibility and analysis.

Hire Golang developers to build secure and reliable smart grids, analyze large datasets more efficiently, predict energy demand, and create data-driven maintenance solutions.


Our web development team team can deliver engaging and interactive learning platforms with personalized learning experiences. The education software we build enables seamless collaboration and communication.


XB Software healthcare solutions are secure and compliant with regulatory requirements. We specialize in real-time healthcare monitoring systems that enable personalized medicine and data-driven insights.

You can hire Golang developers to optimize project planning and resource allocation. It will help to ensure real-time collaboration and barrier-free communication between all stakeholders. We can also build data-driven construction monitoring systems.


We can help to develop scalable and reliable industrial automation systems. Our software solutions can optimize production processes and analyze machine data. IoT applications made by our Golang development company can help in real-time monitoring and control.

Trust Your Project to XB Software

Are you looking for a reliable Golang development company? XB Software has a strong team of dedicated and trusted IT professionals ready to undertake all the Golang software development tasks to help you meet your business needs.

Full-Stack Golang Development
Go Masters
Performance-Driven Team
Security-First Methodology
Collaborative Approach
On-time Delivery
Full-Stack Golang Development
Full-Stack Golang Development

We deliver tailored solutions across the entire development lifecycle, from API integrations to complex web apps.

Go Masters
Go Masters

Our Golang web development team comprises tech-savvy developers with extensive experience across diverse industries.

Performance-Driven Team
Performance-Driven Team

We prioritize clean code, efficient design, and best practices for optimal performance and scalability.

Security-First Methodology
Security-First Methodology

We adhere to strict security standards to safeguard your data and applications.

Collaborative Approach
Collaborative Approach

We partner closely with our clients throughout development, ensuring complete alignment with their vision.

On-time Delivery
On-time Delivery

We diligently oversee project implementation deadlines, employing Agile methodologies to control crucial product implementation stages.

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