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Golang Development for Your Tailored Web Solutions

Take advantage of fast, secure and easy-to-scale Golang development for your web apps


XB Software Provides a Full Range of Golang Development Services

Legacy Migration

Update and modernization of slow-performing and resource-intensive legacy systems using Golang for cheaper maintenance.


Enable the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications.

Enterprise Applications

Large enterprise applications are deployed on servers painlessly and are easily scaled.

Specialized Industry Projects

Golang developers provide security and code safety, stable performance and faster project launch.

Benefits of Golang Web Development in Comparison With Other Popular Languages

Go or Golang is an open-source programming language that was introduced by Google in 2009. Go software development offers optimal performance along with easy and speedy maintenance, which is why it’s been achieving a great popularity in web app development. Go offers some great benefits including scalability and garbage collection, a form of automatic memory management.

Golang offers several advantages over some of the other popular back-end languages:

In comparison to NodeJS and Python, it gives faster performance.

As Go is easy to learn, it’s cheaper to scale a team with it than with Java or C#.

Golang makes scaling a system painless and fast; something that’s harder to do with NodeJS, C#, and Java.

Golang has stricter syntax than Python and NodeJS, which means greater security and code safety.

Faster project launches and easier updates and maintenance than with Java, Node, and Python.

Trust Your Project to XB Software

Looking for a Golang development company? XB Software is a strong team of dedicated and trusted IT professionals ready to undertake all the Golang software development related tasks that help you meet your business needs.

Highly flexible team
We believe the most effective way to develop custom apps is to work in cooperation with our clients.
We guarantee the transparency of our software development services at every stage of each project.
Agile methodologies
We take advantage of agile methodologies to create robust custom apps.
ISO certified
We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and adhere to world standards.