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MVP Development Services

Embark on your product journey with us and let’s transform your innovative ideas into tangible products. Our expert team is dedicated to crafting a Minimum Viable Product that not only meets market needs but also provides a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Why MVP in Software Development Matters

Why MVP in Software Development Matters 1
Why MVP in Software Development Matters 2
Why MVP in Software Development Matters 3
Validates Product Ideas Early

An MVP allows you to test the core idea of your product with real users before committing a significant amount of resources.

Enables Quicker Launch with Smaller Budget

Minimum Viable Product helps startups, as well as small and midsize businesses, to launch their products faster to the market with less financial risk.

Tests Product Ideas in Market

MVP provides a platform to understand how the product fits in the market and helps to get feedback from customers to know what they actually need.

Minimizes Errors and Speeds Up Feature Releases

By focusing on core functionalities, it minimizes development costs, allowing you to identify and fix issues early, and accelerates the release of features.

Who Can Benefit from MVP Development Services

Entrepreneurs and Startups

MVP development allows entrepreneurs to test their business ideas with a minimal set of features to validate the market demand without committing extensive resources and to look for investors and sponsors.


Potential investors will be able to minimize risk and expenditure by seeing your capabilities, the potential of your product, and the interest it generates among early adopters.

Product Managers

They can use MVPs to prioritize product features based on user feedback, ensuring that development efforts are focused on what customers really want.

Development Teams

MVPs help development teams to focus on core functionalities, reduce time to market, and iterate based on real user feedback obtained in the process.


With an MVP, marketers can start building a brand around the product early on and adjust their strategies based on how the market responds to the product.


Your clients will be able to influence the development of the product early on, ensuring that the final product meets their needs and solves problems effectively.

MVP Development Services We Provide

MVP Design and Development

We focus on designing and developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just enough features to be functional and appealing to early adopters. This version of your product, whether you just need a better understanding of your idea or a solid basis to develop your product on, allows getting feedback and iterations before releasing the end-result.

Full-Scale Product Development

If you are ready to take a step further and start the transition from MVP software development services to product development, we are here to help. Our business analysts and project managers will walk you through the changes by creating a roadmap and a scope of work, and developers will ensure that all features are working.

Improvement of Current MVP

If you already have an MVP but are not sure about the features it has and want to change them before showing it to your customers, we can assist you in MVP improvement. We have ready-made JavaScript libraries and frameworks Webix and DHTMLX that are great assets in software development and increase the time your team may spend on the process.

MVP Prototyping

If you aim to validate the look of your product rather than get detailed feedback on it, our UI/UX designers can make a clickable prototype for you. This way, you can test the idea by spending even fewer resources and showing the users, stakeholders, or even investors an interactive visualization of the intended solution.

MVP Development for Startups

XB Software MVP development services for startups help entrepreneurs to enter the market with new products. The process is designed to minimize the amount of development work needed to gather the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort. The MVP we develop for your product and our services for startups will help to find sponsors faster.

Contemplating on whether to start developing MVP or not?

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Transparent MVP Development Process

Ideation & Roadmapping
Ideation & Roadmapping

Our business analysts explore market trends, analyze your target audience, and help with requirements gathering, analysis, and plan project development. We assist you in refining the product idea, creating vision, scope, project proposal, and architecture description of 3rd parties integration.


  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis and execution plan
  • Detailed documentation (product roadmap, scope of work, proof of concept, etc.)
MVP Prototyping & Design
MVP Prototyping & Design

Our designers can design the concept, mockups, wireframes, and/or prototypes with user interfaces and elements that are intuitive and engaging for early adopters to prepare your team for MVP app development.


  • A better understanding of the product and its features
  • Modern, user-friendly design for your product
MVP Development & Testing
MVP Development & Testing

Our team has extensive experience of designing and building MVPs, so we are able to write the necessary code, build the technical infrastructure, and test your MVP to ensure its quality and functionality.


  • Faster develop an MVP applications in a short time by using ready-made DHTMLX and Webix UI libraries
  • Bug-free working MVP with consistent code tested by meticulous QA engineers
MVP Release & Support
MVP Release & Support

We give you an MVP that is ready for release and promotion. After you collect all the needed feedback, we can analyze it together to choose relevant features and change MVP the way your customers and stakeholders want before proceeding with the product development process.


  • Speed to market and cost efficiency
  • Support and maintenance if needed

Want to impress both your customers and investors?

Let’s work together starting small and grow bigger in the process by developing an innovative and profitable product!

Why Build an MVP with XB Software

Why Build an MVP with XB Software
Why Build an MVP with XB Software
Expertise in MVP Development

XB Software has experience in transforming startup and SMB ideas into high-quality solutions, focusing on core features that meet the needs of the target audience.

Iterative Approach

We support the idea of iterative development, allowing startups and other businesses to embody their ideas and create product demand without risking bankruptcy.

Cost-Effective Collaboration

With the Budget with Float Scope (BFS) contract, our MVP development services minimize expenses by focusing on key features and adding additional ones based on user feedback.

Customized & White-Labeled Solutions

Our ready-made JavScript widgets help us to simplify and speed up the MVP development process and end up with high-quality customizable and white label software solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MVP and why is it important for app development?

Understanding the concept of MVP is crucial as it is a strategy to create a basic version of a product with minimum features to satisfy early customers and gather feedback for future product development.

Why choose outsourcing services for MVP development?

IT outsourcing companies that provide development services for startups are able to provide access to specialized skills, reduce costs, and allow companies to focus on their core business while the outsourcing development team works on the MVP.

How do you determine the core features to include in an MVP?

This involves identifying the problem your app aims to solve, conducting user research, creating a feature list, and then prioritizing and validating these features. It is a thorough process that will be done by our experienced analysts in collaboration with your team in order to have the best results.

Which MVP development approach to choose: a no-code MVP, low-code MVP, or custom MVP development services?

The choice hinges on your project’s specific needs, including technical requirements, customization levels, time constraints, and budget.

For example, a no-code MVP is ideal for non-technical founders or quick idea validation with minimal investment. It’s the fastest and most cost-effective option but offers limited customization and scalability.

A low-code MVP is suitable for projects needing some customization with the benefit of speed from pre-built components. It allows for more design control and some coding for customization, though it may have some limitations.

As for the custom MVP development services are suitable for complex projects requiring unique features or extensive customization. Thus, you get full control over the process but it requires more time and investment.

What are the best practices for creating and launching an MVP app?

Best practices include testing the application with a beta version, identifying a revenue model, collecting customer feedback, and evaluating the results to improve the MVP development process.

How do you measure the success of an MVP and gather user feedback?

Key performance indicators, such as the number of downloads, average number of active users, percentage of paying users, and user ratings, are essential for evaluating the success of an MVP. Therefore, in case you want to proceed with the product development, we will be able to analyze the results of showing your MVP to the world and change it according to the requirements.

How much does it cost to build a Minimum Viable Product?

The cost varies widely depending on the complexity of the MVP, the technology stack used, and the region where the development team is located. It can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. With our team, you can be sure that we will use our best practices to make the development process less costly and more effective.

Will time zone differences affect our collaboration?

Good IT outsourcing companies have processes in place to manage time zone differences effectively, ensuring smooth communication and project progression. Therefore, you should not be afraid of waiting for the results for too long.

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