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CRM Software Development Services

We can develop the best tailor-made customer relationship management (CRM) software to improve your business processes and increase clients’ loyalty.

Custom-made CRM solutions simplify customer-facing business functions by gathering customer information, automating marketing and sales interactions, and providing reliable and straightforward communication. All these features along with cutting-edge data analysis tools improve communication, create strong customer relationships, to give businesses a competitive advantage in the market.

A comprehensive and full-featured custom CRM software can allow a company of any size to cover the vast majority of customer-centric issues. It can provide rich functionality that meets specific business needs. We believe that building and integrating a top-notch CRM software solution is one of the critical components of business growth. Thanks to our significant experience, we can create full-featured, advanced, and efficient custom ERP software, booking systems, and CRM solutions tailored to the unique aspects of our clients’ business needs.

Custom CRM Development Services We Offer

Custom CRM development

We develop custom CRM software with unique features to provide efficient mechanisms of business processes automation. Our CRM solutions help you follow the global trends in your business sphere, manage and analyze your clientele, and automate and optimize your operations.

CRM modules development

Our developers can create and integrate separate CRM modules such as performance analysis and monitoring, productivity and KPI tracking, task creation and tracking, log management, real-time data analysis, reporting and lead generation. Using these modules can help a company to manage all their existing and future clients.

CRM system integration

Our development team can integrate CRM software into your corporate solution and other third-party systems. We create single customer view systems with pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, task tracking, comprehensive reports, and many other useful features.

Off-the-shelf CRM platforms customization

To maximize the overall efficiency and productivity of your company, we can customize your third-party CRM software. We offer CRM software customization services that allow you to optimize your CRM platform and extend its functionality by streamlining business processes and automating workflows.

Custom CRM analytics solutions

We can develop and integrate comprehensive analytics tools, including intuitive dashboards, task tracking solutions, customer relationships mapping, and case studies history. Moreover, we can integrate your CRM system with email, phone, chat, or social networks for better client segmentation and effective predictive modeling.

CRM migration services

We can easily migrate and extract data from your legacy software system. Our business analysts understand the specific needs of every business and offer solutions that allow you to maximize the CRM value and ensure no downtime or deployment delays.

Interested in Custom CRM Development?

Interested in Custom CRM Development?

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*XB Software does not sell ready-made CRM solutions

The Main Benefits of a Custom CRM Software Development

Saved time and increased productivity
Enhanced customer interaction and streamlined business processes.
Automated business and sales processes
Automated lead generation, reporting, and client interaction processes.
Efficient customer information management
Better communication with clients thanks to centralized documentation, data visualization, and reporting.
Reports and deep analysis
Improved customer interaction and conversions thanks to the various tools and plugins of custom CRM solutions.
Enhanced lead generation management
Optimized and automated process of lead generation with a reliable system of analyzing and communicating with potential clients.
High data security
With a centralized CRM system, only authorized employees can get access to business data and customer details.

Our CRM systems will streamline your business processes through automation and improving customer retention rates

Why Should You Cooperate With XB Software?

XB Software is a reliable developer of custom ERP solutions such as CRM systems. We have significant experience in building and integrating automated CRM software. We work with various industry verticals and domains.

We have developed enterprise solutions that have helped our clients to achieve better direct marketing, improve database management, and customer information management through the successful implementation of custom CRM software. XB Software has its own QA team for further maintenance and support of your CRM system. To learn more about our experience, please review our CRM case studies.

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