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A free web-tool that is created to guide users through a site or app in the simplest way. It gives an excellent way to create interactive tutorials with hints and tips, and embed them into your web apps, thus enhancing their usability and value/effectiveness.

EnjoyHint adds simple hints that prompt users to navigate a website or an app intuitively and easily. It comes along with instant auto-focus highlighting, as the user moves into a new field.

We demonstrated the use of the EnjoyHint web-tool in an issue tracker demo, created with Webix JavaScript UI library. The tool itself is based on Javascript, HTML5 and CSS. The tool works on the client-side and can be used with any server-side platform.


  • Jquery 1.7+
  • kineticJS v5.1.0 (included in the pack)

EnjoyHint is free to download and use. Enjoy it!

If you have any questions regarding the tool, please create an issue here and the community will help you.

If you need assistance from XB Software please contact us for a paid consultation.

EnjoyHint is a web-tool that provides the simplest way to create interactive tutorials and hints for your site or web-application. It can also be used to highlight and sign application elements.

Key Features:

Fast web-tool setup
Defining shape - defining the shape and margin of the highlighted area
Cross-browser support (Chrome, FireFox, IE10+, Safari)
Interactive hints - instant tips that provide a description to the user about the field they are in
Simple initialization and configuration
Hint resume that restarts the display of hints from the step where it was stopped
Support for Android, iOS and Windows touch screens (laptops and tablets)
Scenario of coherent actions - allows adding a sequence of hints for all necessary steps
Auto scrolling to the highlighted element at different animation speed
Auto-focus highlighting - involves automatic focus on the area related to the hint and its instant highlighting when the hint loads
Timeout settings - allows setting the delay before the moment, when the element is highlighted

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