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Web Application Development Services

A proven software partner can change everything. High-quality custom web application development services, on demand at an affordable price.

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XB Software embodies your most daring ideas into perfect web apps. Our team of skilled web developers is ready to meet your high expectations and quality standards. We follow the latest trends in web application development and offer top-notch custom web apps on the actual technology stack.

A dedicated team will find solutions for any of your current business tasks and will suggest opportunities for future product evolution. User-friendliness, responsiveness, and security will provide a flawless and smooth operation of your web app.

We are a proven software partner that corresponds to  ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards.

How We Differ from Other Service Providers

dev team
Strong and high-qualified team of 100+ web developers and more than 10 years of overall company's experience in web development
Full life cycle
Full life cycle of web application
development: analysis, design, development,
QA, maintenance, and support
Use of patterns on frontend (MVC, MVP,
MVVP), use of unified code style for
JavaScript (in ESLint), clean code and APIs
Use of the latest and flexible Agile
development model: Scrum or Kanban
Version Control Systems
Use of solid Version Control Systems (GIT, SVN) to manage changes to source code over time
Great UI/UX development expertise, creating intuitive and easy to navigate web apps
Secure intellectual property rights (or IPR)
for every customer
integration systems (CI)
Use of continuous integration systems (CI)
to improve software quality
QA team
Best practices in code coverage, unit testing
from own QA team

Core Custom Web Development Solutions

Web Development Solutions
Migration of desktop apps to web apps
Robust custom web applications built from scratch for different industries
Rendering huge amounts of data to tables, Gantts, charts and diagrams
Integration of spatial data to any mapping service (GMaps, Bing Maps, Yandex Maps, OpenStreet Map, etc.)

Web Development Process Flow

Profound Company Analysis and Audit
Our business analysts will dive deep into your company structure and business processes, study KPIs and framing documents, reveal the aspects that need improvement, and formulate a development plan, focusing on your business priorities.
Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design
While prototyping apps, we pay much attention to user experience and interaction design which will render perfectly both on the desktop and mobile devices.
Prototype Testing
Our team provides early-stage testing the UX and UI functionality, before developing the final web app.
Front-end and Back-end Development
We implement only high-end technology and practices. Our technology expertise includes React.js, Marionette.js, Webix, Node.js, PHP/Laravel, .NET, and more.
QA and Software Testing
We provide full life cycle testing that covers the main stages of project development, starting from requirements testing to the final testing at the release and deployment stages.
Business Automation
To improve efficiency by automating your business workflows, our analysts are ready to explore your processes and develop an automation software solution and implement app modernization process.

Moreover, if you have a program idea, we’ll study it thoroughly, consider all your ‘nice to have’ features, and with your cooperation, create a detailed specification for its further development to push your idea forward. See fixed price projects estimation templates.

Our Custom Web Development Capabilities

We select the appropriate programming languages and frameworks to match your needs. We have deep knowledge of:

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

Yii PHP Framework
Yii PHP Framework
APIs (Facebook API,
Google API, Yandex API, Twitter)
Payment Processors: Paypal, Google Checkout, Authorize.net, EasyPay
USAEpay, 2checkout, Ipay88, Fidelity Pay

Programming Languages


Effective Management Methodologies

To optimize the development process and make it transparent to our customers, we build our workflow using the most suitable and efficient methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall, and their combinations, that allow:

Visualization of your
project workflow
Fast evaluation of
work performance
project tracking
Easy project
Effective cooperation between you and developers
Rapid response
Rapid response
to changes

XB Software team focuses, first of all, on our customer’s needs and demands, high quality of code and timely delivery. Our professional web development team is highly flexible and always strives to work in close cooperation with our clients.

We guarantee transparency of our services on all stages of project development and provide extensive pre-sales, web development, quality assurance and after-sales support.

XB Software is a trustworthy and stable development partner to create amazing and reliable custom web apps.

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