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DHTMLX JavaScript libraries of UI widgets

DHTMLX specializes in building JavaScript UI libraries for project management, event planning, big data visualization, and reporting. Their solutions are aimed at speeding up development time and cutting off costs while creating complex web apps and interfaces for desktop and mobile devices.

DHTMLX JavaScript UI Libraries

DHTMLX Gantt for effective project management

DHTMLX Gantt allows creating and editing interactive Gantt charts. Users can easily manage both small- and large-scale projects with 30 000+ tasks with the help of dynamic loading. The library also includes automated planning, critical path calculation, and a rich set of resource management features to improve user abilities. Moreover, users can export a full-sized Gantt chart to PDF, PNG, MS Project, Excel, iCal, and Primavera P6. Plus, DHTMLX Gantt provides a simple API thus contributing to a short learning curve.

DHTMLX Scheduler for building Google-like event calendars

DHTMLX Scheduler is a lightweight library that allows you to create intuitive scheduling solutions similar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar, iCal, or Google Calendar. It includes a wide range of views, touch screen support, and extensive API to configure the calendar look and feel. With DHTMLX Scheduler, you can display multisection or recurring events, which can be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. It also provides export services to get your calendar in PDF, PNG, Excel, and iCal formats.

DHTMLX Kanban board for visualizing project tasks

DHTMLX Kanban makes it possible to easily visualize your workflow enjoying an intuitive drag-n-drop interface and touch support. Users can create an unlimited amount of tasks and arrange them between columns and swimlanes via a fully configurable board. You can create a complete feature-packed project management solution by syncing the Kanban board with DHTMLX Gantt and Scheduler libraries.

DHTMLX Diagram for complex data visualization

DHTMLX Diagram offers 10+ interactive diagrams to visualize complex data sets in a clear and nice-looking way. You can build org charts, flowcharts, decision trees, or mind maps from scratch via a live editor without any code manipulation. Moreover, you are free to use 30+ ready-made shapes and connectors as well as add custom figures. The library also includes the smart layout algorithm which automatically arranges randomly placed shapes in a neat diagram.

Why Choose DHTMLX

Comprehensive and well-structured documentation
Adaptive UI design for desktop and mobile use
1000+ interactive code samples
Intuitive interface with drag-n-drop support
Feature-rich and convenient JavaScript API
Data export into PDF, PNG, Excel, MS Project, and other formats
Compatible with JS frameworks, including React, Vue, and Angular
Simple customization according to your project requirements
Built-in TypeScript support for clean code writing
Straightforward user interface localization
Support for modern platforms and browsers
Compatible with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

DHTMLX Customers

DHTMLX is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to help them build modern and performant web and mobile applications.

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