Web development is one of the most changeable and dynamically growing industries, so ability to catch proper trends and follow them seems to be crucial. It is extremely important to keep an eye on the latest techniques and updates in order not to lag behind. Now, a new year has started and it’s high time to analyze and outline top development trends that will be relevant in 2021. Here are several of them that are assumed to be the most significant and worth paying attention to:

1. Serverless Architecture (SA)

SA is a possibility of creation and launching applications without the necessity of managing the infrastructure. It means that serverless applications are supported by the organization server resources are rented from. Serverless infrastructure can be scaled in accordance with the needs, thus it’s more cost-effective. SA also helps to reduce risks of data loss and prevent system overloading.

SA key features we can distinguish:

  • Automatic scaling depending on the needs
  • No need in managing server procedures or hosts
  • Costs depend on actual usage
  • High availability
  • More stable access to web resources in comparison with a common server

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence still remains one of the most relevant web development trends despite the fact it was announced decades ago. More and more new technologies appeared over years that entered our lives. Nowadays AI is able to simulate human behavior on a remarkably high level.

To Artificial Intelligence we can refer the following technologies with particular features:

a) Chatbots

Chatbots with AI can assist clients with most frequently asked questions, therefore they are able to replace customer service specialists.

  • Ability to converse via multiple channels
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Pre-trained technology

b) Voice Search and Navigation

Voice Search reduces time spent for lookup as most of the device functions can be managed via voice.

  • Quick task completion
  • Ease of use

c) Deep Learning and Neural Network

Technology simulating human brain activities. Learnability is a huge NN advantage, so costs for development can be reduced.

  • Images recognition
  • Speech identification
  • Natural language processing

3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is one of the recent trends in web development announced by Google several years ago but still remains relevant. It can be perceived as a website interacting with a user as a mobile application, in other words, when the user opens it via desktop browser, it remains a regular website, but when PWA is opened via a mobile browser, it turns into a cross of a website and mobile application.

Here we can outline several key features:

  • PWA can be installed on any device without using an App store, it can be downloaded directly from the website
  • Users can work with it and receive notifications even in offline mode
  • High speed of downloading
  • Ability to send Push-notifications

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4. Single Page Application (SPA)

SPA development is one of top trends in web development that became relevant not long ago, and is already implemented by such companies as Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter and etc. Single Page App is an application based on JavaScript, that does not require page reloading during its use as while transferring to a new page content is renewed only partially. It’s convenient for both developers and app users.

SPA main features we can outline:

  • Can be used on various devices
  • High loading speed (even if a user has problems with Internet connection)
  • Ease of use

5. Push Notifications (PN)

The trend of Push Notifications is still remaining popular despite the fact that the first Push service was launched a decade ago. PN is a small notification popping up in an application a user had installed on his/her device or in a browser. Such notifications deliver various information to users if they don’t block them, such as updates, promotions, etc., and can pop up anytime, no matter what a user is doing at the current moment.

Key features of the trend are:

  • Cost effective
  • Time and frequency of sending PN can be scheduled (for example in accordance with user’s local time)
  •  Multilingual. Notifications can be translated into various languages and sent to a user in accordance with language on his/her device or browser

6. Motion UI

Now more and more attention is given to the visual design, what can hardly be surprising as attractively looking apps and have a higher chance to be noticed by potential users. Motion UI is a library used for creation of animations and seamless transitions, and thankfully to this trend there is an opportunity to hold users’ attention and prolong time spent on an application.

Main feature we can specify here:

  • Various elements can be implemented, such as charts, page header transitions, pop-ups
  •  Improves interaction of a user and application, therefore he/she can linger in an app longer

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7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Not many users remain satisfied if page loading speed is low and irritating. There is a high probability that a page will be left in case such issues come out. To avoid this sort of problems, Google announced AMP Project, and this trend is predicted to be popular in coming years. Accelerated Mobile Pages is the technology developed to build websites with quick loading and seamless work on mobile devices, and such pages’ loading time is much less than non-AMP pages’, what definitely makes them user-friendly.

Main features of the trend:

  • High loading speed
  • Contributing mobile ranking increase

8. Responsive Design (RD)

There are some indicators pointing to the quality of a website or application, and responsive design is definitely one of them. RD is a design providing the correct mapping across all devices connected to the Internet. It means that the same website can be viewed on various gadgets, regardless of the screen resolution and size. It helps to avoid some inconveniences, such as resizing and scrolling what is important for users’ positive experience.

Features we can mention:

  • Flexible due to the absence of necessity to use a concrete device
  • Cost-efficiency with high maintenance as there is no need to develop various versions


Since the industry is changing and growing, chasing all the development trends seems to be challenging. Of course, there are more trends in web development that are expected to be relevant in 2021. In addition to the listed above we can also mention Blockchain Technology, Web Assembly, RAIL model. All of them are significant and their implementation depends on business needs you currently have. If you read this article and realized that you are in need of web application development services and intend to implement the latest trends in your business, feel free to contact us, our team will be glad to assist!