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eCommerce Website Solutions for Construction Equipment Rental

An eCommerce website solution for construction equipment rental that helps to connect renters and suppliers. It helps to reach an agreement regarding construction equipment rentals.

Business Challenge

Everyone is buying, selling, or renting online these days, and the eCommerce market is only growing bigger. Nowadays, you can quickly turn your passion into your job or business. The main goal of such portals is to connect customers and suppliers, help them find whatever they need for further supporting their creativity and growth.

Our customer required to optimize UI/UX of the existing online store platform for construction equipment rental. He also asked to give and implement front-end development recommendations. Moreover, some code structure optimization was required. Eventually, the customer needed a good looking and fast working eCommerce web-application.


Our outsourcing software development company was asked to improve UX and UI development features of the online B2B cross-rental platform and implement new high-end and efficient functions. The implementation of our recommendations made it possible to rent construction equipment at a reasonable price and from reliable suppliers for people from all over the world. The eCommerce website smoothly operates both on mobile devices and PCs. Moreover, the customer needed to augment their IT staff.

The development team from XB Software was challenged to make improvements in the UI/UX and the front-end of the construction equipment website. To implement these changes Webix JavaScript UI components were used.

The website allows suppliers and renters to deal with each other, search construction equipment, and make/cancel an offer. All users are authorized and have a personal account to communicate with other users about rental conditions.

XB Software’s development team has created an online store platform that lets users share information effortlessly. For instance, they can create search lists, or search for whatever equipment they need and get a list of suppliers on exact dates, etc. There are also star ratings and geographical locations available. Therefore, to render and structure a huge amount of data and create nice-looking users dashboards, the team used Webix JavaScript UI widgets.

Our team chose the Amazon server to host and stable work of the platform.

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Project in Figures


Applied Technologies



XB Software team implemented simple-in-use intuitive solutions and created the user-friendly web-platform for construction equipment rental.

The created app simplified:

  • connecting renters and suppliers
  • tracking rental price and position of every piece of equipment.

The platform is ridiculously easy to use, and the mobile version of the app allows for operations on the go.

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