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Employee Planning System

A web-based employee planning application that facilitates managers and supervisors in scheduling people based on operational demands.

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Business Challenge

The client demanded a simple-to-use system to store the personal staff data and track employee availability, as well as list people on a per-day basis. The system should give an idea of employee absence or presence. It should specify days off, absence reasons, training, courses for employees, or any other reasons why an employee was not available for regular work. The client needed an employee system that would give the supervisor/manager a tool to award vacation or a holiday and allow employees to request a day off.

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XB Software development team undertook the challenge and elaborated an employee planning app to meet the clients’ needs. The profound knowledge of Yii Framework, JQuery, and JavaScript, as well as Agile technology, helped develop an app with the requested functionality. The employee planning app provides a possibility to add new employees and manage employees’ data that include contact details, job information (such as department, position, etc.), education, and skills. The ‘Employees’ part of the app consists of three sections: personal information; personal files, documents, records; competences, and training plan. The competences are arranged in grid boxes with radio buttons to define skills level for each employee.

XB Software specialists also added a time-off scheduler to the app. It was designed to give users the ability to send a ‘request,’ for instance, for a day off, so that the supervisor could then either approve or decline the request. After confirmation, the system sends a confirmation email to the requesting user.

The created app also shows the current status of a user and the time-off history log. The supervisor can see the statuses of all employees in all departments.

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3 month

Estimated man-hours

1 000 +


The developed app simplified employee planning for managers and supervisors in the client’s company.

The app allowed our client to:

  • record and keep all employees’ personal and job information in one place
  • easily track employees availability
  • schedule work without lengthy delays.


A Dutch chemical company that provides a wide range of logistics and manufacturing services. It was established in 1998 as a logistics and production organization. It keeps its customers informed about the quality of products and goods during the manufacturing, loading, storage, and uploading and enables customers to manage information.