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Human Resources Information System

The comprehensive HR management solution that provides centralized access to information about all company’s current and potential employees. The system allows automating dozens of day-to-day HR tasks from the applicant tracking to employee offboarding.

Business Challenge

The rapidly changing job market requires companies to apply the most efficient recruitment techniques for attracting talented job seekers before they are lured away by competitors. Unfortunately, it is not enough to attract a new employee with a good salary. Turning a newly hired specialist into a loyal member of your company, keeping the overall productivity at an acceptable level, and making employees happy are integral parts of a never-ending process that requires constant improvement and scrupulous analysis. Fortunately, modern software solutions allow processing data gathered by the company to provide you with valuable insights that can significantly simplify the whole thing.

XB Software’s development team was asked to build a comprehensive HR management solution to be integrated into the client’s ERP system. The solution should provide access to all the info related to company employees, enable easy scheduling and planning, intuitively visualize company structure, track time and attendance, and simplify the payroll process. Also, our client asked us to modify the outdated user interface of the used ERP solution to make it more convenient for end-users.


Our profound experience in HRM software development allowed us to create a full-featured solution and integrate it into the client’s ERP with ease. HRIS developed by XB Software provides users with quick access to all the employees’ data stored in the system, such as contact info, specialization, department, current tasks, etc. Users were provided with the following app functionality:

  • HRIS enables integration with the most popular job portals, which helps to automate the recruitment process. With a couple of clicks, recruiters can post job openings or review resumes from the candidate database.
  • Built-in filtering and searching capabilities allow selecting candidates with a specific specialization, skill set, or work experience. To simplify the recruitment process, HRIS provides tools such as a recruitment funnel that help optimize the application process and identify the best strategy.
  • HRIS also allows using a built-in calendar and schedule for HR specialists and other employees. The automated notification system helps to ensure that employees won’t miss their deadlines and important upcoming events.
  • In HRIS, each employee has a personal card and an account, which can help with the onboarding process since every new employee can view colleagues’ cards, adapt better, and feel like a team member.
  • Thanks to the integrated component of DHTMLX Diagram this HRIS allows building a visual representation of the organizational structure of the company. This feature can be useful both for managers and newly hired specialists. An easy-to-understand hierarchical structure allows quickly determining who’s responsible for what and who should report to whom.
  • HRIS enables an effective mechanism of time tracking for employees. This feature allows the system to store data about the time spent by a specific team member on solving particular tasks. HRIS can use this data for generating regular reports that can help evaluate the overall performance and measure the average amount of time required for completing a specific task.
  • The built-in payroll system allows HRIS to use this data (including overtime and bonuses) to calculate salaries. The absence management system allows using HRIS for marking certain employees as absent as soon as a manager receives a notification. The system can automatically calculate contractual and statutory sick pay, record all required information (a type of absence, short or long term, etc.), and generate reports containing weekly/monthly/yearly absence summaries and attendance charts.
  • HRIS collects and stores all employee-related data starting from the recruitment process and ending with offboarding. Further analysis of this data allows assessing the efficiency of used approaches and apply changes if necessary. For example, HRIS can provide you with regular reports on recruiting channels’ efficiency, offer acceptance rate, the company’s mood according to polls, etc.

To modernize the UI of the client’s ERP system, our developers used the Webix JavaScript library. More than 100 UI widgets and feature-rich JavaScript controls that Webix provides allowed us to create a good-looking and convenient UI with minimum effort.

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XB Software’s development team has built an effective web-based solution that automates many routine HR tasks and simplifies the work with data. HRIS was painlessly integrated into the client’s ERP system without causing any interruption in the company’s work. Adopting this software solution allowed our client to improve the recruitment processes, reduce paperwork, and optimize the workflow.

Among the main benefits of using HRIS, our client noted the following:

  • More efficient recruitment approach;
  • Advanced analytics;
  • Easy access to all employee data.

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