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Integrated Cloud Service for Online Booking and Payment

A white-label cloud service that allows users to manage, book and pay for driving courses and for any schedulable services online. The application can be sold to other schools and can be integrated into their websites via API.

Business Challenge

Every company tries to facilitate customer interaction with their products and services, and reduce additional steps for booking and buying their services. That’s why customizable and inline solutions are becoming increasingly popular among service providers.

Our team was challenged with creating a custom  web-based course booking application that will be possible to integrate  into the tenant’s main website. The system for courses booking should allow future clients to easily and effortlessly order and pay for any classes (driving, cooking, hairdressing, etc.) online. Besides, the client wanted to use staff augmentation service and hire specialists who will be providing the support and maintenance of the project. According to his requirements, we suggested hiring our dedicated developers team.


Our team created the customizable and easy-to-use white-label cloud service application that could be embedded on the 3rd party website and allow booking any courses online. The design of this web app was created by our experienced UI/UX designer in accordance with the modern trends. The booking application operates on any device and runs in all modern browsers.

XB Software developed additional application parts such as User Mode and Business Mode and created five types of users: Receptionist at schools, Student, Instructor, Administrator at schools, and Super admin at the solution level. The online course booking system allows users to book and schedule their driving classes, make one-click payment and receive email notifications.

While booking, a user makes a choice for the appropriate course (driving, cooking, hairdressing, etc.) and then a page with classes details opens. Our team created a special form with input fields: course starts, number of lessons, type of transmission, risk education, add-ons, accommodation needed. Cost is automatically calculated. In case the data type at the page is changed, the total calculation changes.

After a user fills in all data, he or she proceeds to the next step. The system sends confirmation and a payment letter to the third party’s email as well as a confirmation letter to the user.

The User Mode of the application was developed using Webix JavaScript UI library that allowed to organize all data in a logical manner. For the front-end, we used Backbone.js. It allowed our team to design the business logic and interaction with the server side. Node.js was used for the backend.

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XB Software development team created an efficient and secure Order-&-Pay multitenant, white-label cloud solution for online course booking. This custom SaaS application is highly customizable and can be easily integrated into any 3rd party website or app.

The course booking system allows users to:

  • save their time by intuitive searching, filtration and fast booking,
  • pay online in the most comfortable way.
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