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Online Logistics Platform for Carriers and Shippers

The idea of the logistics platform is to connect carriers, shippers, and drivers into one working chain, let them interact with each other, and transport cargo safely and reliably. It can be accessed via a desktop web application for cargo owners and transportation companies and a mobile app for each driver.

Business Challenge

The client wanted a local logistics operating platform that would change the structure of the market for the better by digitalizing the process of monitoring and organizing of the transportation process, legality checks, and GPS cargo tracking. The customer planned to scale this logistics platform worldwide in the future, so multi-language support was also required.


The customer chose XB Software because of our significant experience in logistics software development. The team developed an online logistics platform that performs the roles of a marketplace, cargo delivery process regulator, and route assistant simultaneously. The platform makes road cargo transportation more efficient, safer, transparent, and controllable.

All users have access to real-time information. Shippers can find carriers, selecting the most suitable one by looking at metrics, such as their ratings on the platform and the number of delivered orders, and also read testimonials about them. Carriers, in their turn, can use the platform to generate orders, reduce fleet downtime through better planning, scale their business, control drivers, and reduce risks. The platform offers handy payment opportunities, billing, and document sharing features.

The digital logistics platform supports these roles:

An administrator manages all other users, approves applications for registration from all market players, checks confirming documents, blocks user operations in case of claims.

shipper can create transportation orders and manage them. On the Radar screen, a shipper can see all active, assigned, planned, and completed delivery orders, as well as pick up delivery points on the map. All features are available on mobile devices.

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carrier manages transport, monitors the market, gets jobs, and assigns resources to them. They can see all active orders and can choose any request and make a proposal to a shipper. The logistics platform’s users with this role assign a vehicle and a driver for the job, as well as pick-up and delivery dates. Orders status then changes to “planned.” A carrier can manage the auto pool: creating, editing, and deleting vehicles.

driver utilizes the mobile app. When it’s running it lets a carrier see the truck on the Radar screen. The driver can view all orders assigned to them as well as a day plan of order details sorted by start time. They select the option to “start delivery” to begin the journey and mark it as “complete” when the job is finished.

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Project in Figures


Applied Technologies



XB Software developed the system from scratch with the help of React.js, a user-friendly logistics platform that has changed the rules of the game in the local logistics market. The app provides opportunities to participants for tremendous business growth, saving them time and money, and helping them to establish reliable supply chains and partnerships. For this platform, Node.js was used as a backend technology to ensure great results.

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