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Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Healthcare scheduling software allows booking medical appointments in a health center online. Moreover, users can reschedule or cancel their reservations, manage the history of visits, choose a type of medical service or a product, manage their health information.

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Medical Scheduling Software

Business Challenge

Everyone needs to schedule their time, meetings, appointments in our modern world. Therefore there are many different online services and apps specially designed for people with the dynamic lifestyle. Such apps allow users to stay connected to everything they need on-the-go. The custom online medical scheduling app should allow users to manage their health information and schedule their visits using any device.

Our custom software development company was required to develop a simple-to-use and informative mobile app that will be beneficial both for patients and medical specialists. The core functionality should provide the possibility of scheduling an appointment or visit and choosing the time of a visit. Moreover, the app should allow monitoring and changing the schedule of a patient, choosing any available doctor from the database of the medical center, monitoring the history of past visits. The custom online appointment software should allow doctors to plan their working time using booking calendars and see online all future patients’ visits to the clinic.

Medical Scheduling Software


XB Software’s development team was challenged to develop a simple and interactive medical appointment scheduling software to simplify the process of medical services reservation. The main feature of the app is online monitoring and changing user’s schedule of visits and health information. The healthcare scheduling application was created to save time and money both of patients and healthcare staff. Moreover, it allows reducing paperwork and stuff scheduling costs.

XB Software’s development team used cross platform software development technologies such as PhoneGap to make the app work properly both on iOS and Android platforms. It allowed deploying the app to a wide range of mobile and tablet devices without losing the features of a near-native user experience.

The medical scheduling system was designed using the lightweight scheduling component of DHTMLX JavaScript with an intuitive interface. It allowed our development team to create neat and fast web calendars, users accounts. The app should allow users to schedule and manage their appointments and visits.

Laravel was used as a framework for back-end to implement the authentication feature. Laravel provided a simple way to organize authorization logic and verification of access to the app. Users’ data were stored in the MySQL databases.

Other implemented technologies were PHP, JavaScript.

Applied Technologies

Medical Scheduling Software

1.5 + months

Estimated man-hours

300+ hours


The result of our fruitful work was the development of an efficient, user-friendly and relevant medical appointment scheduling software. It allows users to schedule, reschedule or cancel the upcoming appointments and visits to the clinic. Moreover, the online medical center application allows editing and updating profiles, managing health information and history, sending messages and communicating with your healthcare provider.


A medical center from the USA. The center provides many specialized services, including multiple specialized medical procedures each dedicated to specific types of patients and/or services.