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Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Healthcare scheduling software allows patients to book online medical appointments and medical center staff to reschedule or cancel their appointments, manage visit histories, choose medical services and products, and manage health information.

Business Challenge

Our busy modern lives make scheduling software a necessity, and customers now expect it.

Our custom software development company was approached by a healthcare clinic in the USA and asked to develop an intuitive and informative mobile app that would be equally useful for patients, reception staff, and medical practitioners. It needed to let users book appointments with their phones, tablets, or computers and also give administrative staff all the tools they needed to manage doctors’ schedules and patients’ information. This custom online appointment software needed to be robust, flexible, simple, and effective.


XB Software’s development team created a scheduling app that has made it much easier for patients to book their health appointments and streamlined what was once a time-consuming process for health center staff.

The client has welcomed the cost savings and improvements in efficiency, and now wonders how they ever managed without it!

Our development team used cross-platform software development technologies such as React Native to ensure that the app worked perfectly on both iOS and Android platforms. This allowed us to deploy the app across a wide range of mobile and tablet devices without losing any of the features of near-native user experience.

The medical scheduling system was given an intuitive interface, thanks to a lightweight scheduling component called DHTMLX JavaScript. It allowed our development team to easily create good-looking web calendars that are easy to use. The app has made it quick and easy for users to schedule appointments.

Laravel was used as a framework for the authentication feature, and we chose it because it provides a simple way to organize authorization logic and implement access verification for the app. MySQL databases were used to store users’ data, and we also used Node.js and JavaScript technologies for other functions.

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Project in Figures


Applied Technologies



The result of all this work was a piece of easy-to-use and highly efficient medical appointment scheduling software that does everything it needs to without fuss.

It allows users to schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments and visits to the clinic, and it allows medical center staff to add, remove and edit patient profiles, manage health information and histories, and send messages both to patients and each other.

The developed healthcare scheduling software allowed our customer to:

  • significantly save time and money over the old system
  • increase patient satisfaction.

This last point is especially important in the USA, where each medical center is also a business, and patient goodwill is something that can help to attract more customers in the future.

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