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Online Staff Performance Management System

An intuitive performance management tool for educators that allows schools and organizations to monitor staff performance on an ongoing basis, set KPIs and record short-term and long-term objectives, and make the appraisal (and self-evaluation) process more comprehensive and transparent.

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Business Challenge

The customer released a performance management system to avoid bureaucracy and inefficiencies in schools and local authorities. The key customer’s requirement was to improve the system user interface that’s why XB Software was contacted to get UX recommendations, redesign and develop front-end for the current performance management system and also develop interfaces and front-end parts for new modules.

Other requested features included support Ofsted standards for schools across the UK and the possibility to add other world standards to the system. This tool should also integrate a big data storage for photos, PDF files, Excel files and Word documents, which can be printed out. Pre-designed reports should be generated to be further submitted to governors or shared with colleagues. These reports should be anonymized and could be used to demonstrate how teaching at a particular school has changed over time.

The staff performance management tool should be featured by intelligence permissions system with strict access control and deliver a continuous appraisal process of teachers’ performance using the triangulation method and let them identify their weak sides to improve.

Overall, the customer needed our UX-design expertise to get clear and intuitively understandable user interface and develop the front-end part which can be integrated with the existing back-end part.

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The tool was required to be built in accordance with the latest IT and design trends that why XB Software team selected Webix JavaScript UI library as the framework of the future staff performance system.

The system includes a self-evaluation dashboard, planning dashboard, progress tracking tables and a set of subsidiary tools.

To automatically triangulate the outcomes of the monitoring process (lessons observation, work scrutiny and forms completed by colleagues), developers used a bunch of Webix data management and data visualization widgets, such as: DataTable, Charts, SideMenu, TreeTable, Search, Select/MultiSelect, SegmentedButtons, Toolbar, Tabview, Template, etc.

Webix Datatable was used to build a comprehensive user management system and set up all necessary data (name, surname, username, status, category, special rights, etc.). The cycle management system was set up to support the appraisal process. The ability to add a new progress tracker was added.

All KPIs are tracked on the KPI dashboard. Webix Pivot, SideMenu, TreeTable widgets were used to create a simple dashboard for task management, displaying a timeline for all activities to be undertaken, with the indication of their status (for example, overdue). School leads can have access to the dashboard to monitor the performance of all teachers.

Webix Charts were used to visualize performance by a person and build individual comparisons displaying organizational and school averages.

Applied Technologies

tool for schools and organizations

1.5 years

Estimated man-hours

1 200+


To meet the customer’s requirements in full, the whole system, including the front-end part, has been built on Webix.

As a result, the customer got a web-based application that can be securely accessed from any device all over the globe. The system represents an appraisal tool to evaluate how a staff member meets expectations. It enjoys a high reputation among teachers, governors, and inspectors on performance management.

The developed performance management system allows to:

  • avoid bureaucracy and inefficiencies in schools and local authorities
  • integrate a big data storage for photos, PDF files, Excel files and Word documents, which can be printed out in a click
  • generate anonymized reports to be further submitted to governors or shared with colleagues
  • monitor the performance of all teachers by using the KPI dashboard.
plaform for appraisal and evaluation


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