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Pharmacy Order Management System

A web-based pharmacy order management system (OMS) that allows the staff of a pharmaceutical company to serialize each product item in an already packaged order. This order management software system can generate serial numbers, scan the product item barcodes, and print the labels.

Business Challenge

According to the latest pharmacy-related legislation, there’s a requirement to give all personalized medicines a serial number. In most cases, this task is performed during product packaging. Our goal was to simplify the pharmacy management process of creating and applying serial numbers to products that are already packaged.

Our developers were asked to create an order management software system with authentication and authorization for users with different access rights. The pharmacy order management system needed to be able to generate serial numbers, scan product item barcodes, and print the labels. Being aware that our company provides Node.js development services, the customer asked us to develop the back end part of the app as well. Also, the OMS software needed to be able to use peripheral devices.


Our company has substantial expertise in providing custom software development services which allow us to create high-quality order management systems for different companies. The web-based management system transfers all received orders to an operator to be processed. This pharmacy oriented software allows users to receive notifications. If an order is declined for some reason, a customer will receive a message that describes why the order was rejected and offers to create a new one. The backend of this system was developed using Node.js. It allowed us to balance the load across the servers and make everything operate flawlessly.

This pharmacy management system provides an operator with access to all orders and they can choose which one to process. If there are no other orders assigned to this particular operator the management system will process the order then the pharmacy operator can start scanning the products from the order list one by one.

The built-in reporting module allows operators to create reports if there are any problems with the order. The management system has some pre-defined reporting templates or users can write a report manually.

To create a neat and intuitive user interface for this order management solution, we used the Webix JavaScript library.

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Project in Figures


Applied Technologies



We joined the customer’s team to develop the front-end part of their pharmacy package management system. We followed the Scrum methodology during the software development process.

The order management system we created allows users to:

  • receive orders from clients
  • sort orders according to particular criteria
  • mark orders according to the status: New, Unfinished, Done, etc.
  • scan a product, generate a serial number, print labels
  • generate reports using one of the available templates
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