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Advanced Custom CRM Software For Real Estate Business

XB Software created a full-featured CRM system to meet the utmost demands of a company that operates in the real estate sphere. The advanced CRM system organizes all customer data and facilitates work with clients.

Business Challenge

To serve every customer individually, real estate agents need to have a real-time 360-degree vision of every client, but dealing with customer data is difficult due to the enormous amount of information involved. Every new client generates a vast number of records through different communication channels that agents must track continuously. For the real estate business, this amount is doubled: contact information, recent searches, favorites, communication logs, history, and other information must be easily accessible to guarantee the best work outcome – customer service satisfaction.

One more essential requirement for the real estate CRM software was the ability to provide data analytics and forecasts about possible future demand.

The real estate market is highly competitive, and it’s essential to avoid losing clients to competitors due to human error or process flaws. This is where real estate CRM can help.


We tailored a comprehensive custom real estate software solution to provide easy access to all customer-related data. The CRM gathers information on their search details, including their preferred properties, neighborhood descriptions, price restrictions in filters, and many other parameters too.

This info can be further clarified during communication with the customer. The CRM for real estate agents stores a history of their purchases and moves and uses this information to make suggestions to agents about following up with them from time to time.

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The CRM prompts a responsible manager to check if the client may want some new real estate to rent or buy. The system encourages a proactive approach that helps to reveal hidden needs before competitors can do so. When gathered, this individual data paints a valuable picture of the demand in a specific city or even an entire area. Top managers in the CRM dashboard can see market metrics such as the average price of a deal, demand volume, and more.

The CRM software processes 100% of information coming into the real estate business and distributes requests among its agents in less than an hour. Where agents are too busy it cascades them to the next least busy employee. All calls, appointments, and emails are recorded and stored in the CRM. Agents and managers can track any deal’s progress, schedule meetings with the client, use the info from deal cards, fulfill and report their duties using the sales pipeline modules.

Our developers added shared workspaces to the CRM so that different employees can collaborate.

It’s easy to customize elements like activity types and statuses so that users can adapt the workspace to the needs of their own department.

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CRM for real estate agents allows users to significantly increase customer satisfaction and agents’ work performance. This real estate lead management software provides easy access to all customer-related data and allows efficient tracking of all current activities, as well as providing statistics and predictions.

Our real estate customer relationship management software allowed the client to:

  • improve interaction with customers and increase their loyalty (Net Promoter Score) by 18%
  • increase team members’ collaboration and enhance their effectiveness by 14%
  • process 100% of incoming applications in the system
  • reduce the sales cycle by 7%
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