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Reporting Module for Project Management Application

A fully integrated ERP reporting module for generating reports in one click that allows time-saving for gathering and analyzing the required information and reporting. The system enables the company to manage and analyze relevant data and streamline product development processes from conception to manufacturing.

Business Challenge

Today every company should monitor thoroughly all the processes and efforts spent on projects, including workforce and time tracking.

To facilitate project management and reporting processes, the client required to develop the simple-to-use and customizable ERP reporting system. The module should provide the complete functionality to retrieve data from the database and to proceed the full cycle of the reporting process. It should allow employees to generate a report according to existing templates, filter data according to the chosen columns, aggregate the results, export reports to excel, pdf or csv.


XB Software development team created the fully integrated and customizable ERP reporting tools for the existing system to generate and save reports. It allows employees to update the created templates according to the existing functional needs, to filter and group the data, available for the existing ERP report template.

Our team developed front-end for the reporting system. The UI was made on Webix that allowed sending queries to the customer’s database, generate reports and save them to the client.

We developed customizable database structure as well as fully integrated reporting module to load, modify, save templates for reports. To ensure data-driven decision making, a number of features were implemented:

  • Generation the report according to existing templates
  • Updating the existing templates according to the needs of the particular report
  • Filtering data according to the chosen columns
  • Grouping the data, available for the existing report template
  • Aggregating the results
  • Saving the report
  • Export report to excel, pdf or csv

XB Software team designed several customizable templates that allow users to record detail clearly and easily.

In project was implemented JavaScript either.

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XB Software development team created an easy to use reporting module for the customer’s ERP software. It allows the internal users to use data from the existing database and generate reports.

The created reporting module allows our client to:

  • save his employees’ time for collecting and analyzing the required information
  • easily assess business data and draw the right conclusions
  • improve his company’s performance by evaluating the key business data at a glance
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