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Task Management and Tracking Tool For Creative Industries

A task management system for a movie production company with advanced communication features. The application allows users to manage activities by day, week, or month. Its text, audio, and video communication features help to improve teamwork. The management system can be used for evaluating the performance of both individual employees and different departments within the client’s company.

Business Challenge

Making a movie is a job that includes a lot of moving parts and requires careful management. Each shot requires the efforts of a large number of specialists, each with their own area of responsibility. Add to this the fact that the scenes in a film are not shot in linear order and you’ll understand that many potential issues can arise during the project and that project management can be highly complex. Fortunately, modern management and tracking systems can significantly simplify the whole process.

XB Software’s development team was asked to build the front end of a task management system designed to track overall team performance and manage specific tasks. After a free consultation with our specialists, primary project requirements for this management and tracking system were established. For example, each user needed access to all assigned tasks and detailed information on any particular activity. Also, company management needed access to reliable mechanisms for assessing employee performance. A text, audio, and video chat app was added to improve communication between staff members.


The Task View window allows users to review all assigned activities and get access to detailed info on each of them. The Shot Info Panel shows details like shot  number its current status, Start and End date of the shot, and more. The menu panel of the Task View Window gives access to additional task info via OverviewDisciplinesAssetsFeedback, and Dailies tabs. The Chat Widget lets users discuss details of a particular shot in real-time. The chat icon is placed on the main page and displays the number of new comments. Also, a clickable notification icon shows the number of new notifications about recent events. The Task List contains all the activities assigned to a logged-in user.

dhtmlxScheduler is a core component that was used during the work on this management and tracking system. This JavaScript event calendar component provides broad customization possibilities, one of the key reasons for choosing it. This tool lets users review personalized calendars dedicated to particular teams, and they can switch between Months, Weeks, and Days views. The search feature helps them to find a specific shot or employee, and the Team Selection function shows the list of users in the selected team. The system automatically highlights logged-in users.

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Our PHP development services team proved to be a suitable choice for this customer. Our developers have built a comprehensive management and tracking system for a movie production company that allows its users to review the status of all ongoing tasks and monitor their progress. Each logged in user can review a list of assigned tasks and receive detailed info on a particular one if needed. This management and tracking system allows them to review the current state of tasks assigned to a specific team or employee, assess the performance of staff, and communicate with employees via the built-in chat widget.

This system for efficient management and tracking allows users to:

  • simplify project management
  • improve communication thanks to text, audio, and video chat
  • assess the performance of employees
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