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UX Enhancement for Online Auction and Shopping eCommerce Platform

A web-based solution with interactive interface design which allows buyers to order, bid a fair price and directly buy goods or services from the sellers over the Internet using a web browser. Moreover, the app with enhanced user interface allows connecting the unlimited number of sellers and customers, showing appropriate goods and prices.

Business Challenge

Online shopping platforms allow customers and sellers to purchase or dispose of goods and services. Such solutions offer consumers a purchasing platform as a virtual market, with a wide range of goods and products from around the world. It allows sellers to promote, offer and sell their products from a virtual storefront.

The customer required to make user experience and interface improvement of the existing online platform for the internet trading. Moreover, the customer needed an interactive interface design and a smoothly working web-application.


XB Software team was asked for user experience improvement of the online shopping platform and create new dashboard template features. The XB Software’s aim was to develop a one-click and high-end solution that allows the client to create a useful dashboard as is. The website should smoothly operate both on the mobile devices and PCs, which was implemented through adaptation of UX for the touch screen and to the different screen sizes.

Besides, UX implementation allowed to reduce the number of steps the user made to reach a certain goal (cut unnecessary steps, add options to the right places). That allowed to increase performance and speed the operation of the platform.

Our development team was challenged with user experience improvement and the front-end development of the auction and e-shop website. The new user experience and interface design needed to feel consistent enough for old users while also appealing to new users. To achieve these requirements Webix JavaScript UI Library was used.

The web application development team processed and organized a large volume of data using web navigation combining the functionality of Webix List and Accordion controls. Our team used Webix DataTable that allowed seamless data entry. DataView was used to display all objects and products in an attractive and clear manner.

Our high-end user experience development services allowed improving UX and user interface of the existing platform. The online shopping platform gives users an opportunity to be a part of ongoing purchasing processes, auction goods off or distribute them at fixed prices. All users are authorized and have a personal virtual cabinet to communicate with other users about price and delivery conditions.

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Applied Technologies



The result of our collaboration is the user experience and interface improvements and acceleration of the app. The online auctions platform with improved UX and UI design allows attracting new users by the convenience of finding, comparing and purchasing products online. Suppliers and buyers are co-operating and connecting in one virtual marketplace that provides interactive interface design. Users can create their own virtual cabinet, search goods, make a bid, sell and buy online. Moreover, the platform smoothly operates on all mobile platforms, which allows users to buy or sell on the go.

The analytical research shows that such indicators as:

  • the number of users and visitors increased by 13,9 %
  • avg.session duration increased by 214,5%
  • return visitors increased by 12,5% (39.2% vs 26.7%)
  • bounce rate improved by 29%
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