Intuitive Gantt Chart for online project and task management

An easy to use app for simple project scheduling, tasks assignement and their arrangement based on priority. It allows assigning tasks to project participants and fosters better collaboration between team members to meet the deadline.

GanttPro offers a possibility to display and manage your tasks in different views (hours, days, weeks and months) in the simplest way.

With our app you can instantly track project progress against project baseline to be sure your project is implemented as scheduled and effectively respond to any deviations from plan.

This product is distributed as a SaaS solution.

Key features:

  • Simple and intuitive scheduling of tasks and activities based on priority
  • Easy task assignement to project team members
  • Different access rights for team members and company’s clients
  • Progress baseline to compare project progress against project baseline
  • Displaying project critical path that shows the shortest time necessary to complete the project
  • Tracking project implementation within different time frames: weeks, days and hours
  • Task editing right on the Gantt chart
  • Drag and drop to change tasks duration and shift to other projects in one move
  • Fast tasks filtration and easy project search
  • Sharing project links with your collegues or clients
  • Export as image, PDF, Excel table or iCal

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