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Effective project management app that helps plan and schedule all tasks

Plan and control your projects with GanttPRO – powerful project management web app. It allows creating all kinds of plans whether it is for one person or a big company.

This app for project management creates effective collaboration between team members. With its help all the processes and progress are clearly defined, and deadlines are met with no delays.

There is no need to spend hours exploring how everything works in this project manager app. It’s a matter of a few minutes to become an advanced user.

The app smoothly works on all basic operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux.

Our Web-based project management app is here for all browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE and others.

GanttPRO is distributed as SaaS software.

Key features:

  • Undo and back to previous version functions
  • History of all changes with real time notifications
  • Different access rights
  • File attachment and comments
  • Sharing via email or using links
  • Easy task assignment
  • Export to popular formats: XLSX, PNG, PDF or iCal
  • Project cost estimation
  • Drag and drop function right on a Gantt chart
  • Possibility to save your templates
  • Tracking of current progress
  • Displaying project critical path
  • Different time frames to track project implementation
  • Simple task scheduling based on priority

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