How many processes and workflows are involved in the wholesale distribution business? There are dozens of them, starting from goods acquisition from partners to distribution to end-users. Also, strict control is required for the processes to go smoothly and flawlessly, which is not an easy task if we take into consideration the total number of them. Moreover, if managing all the workflows is carried out manually via various systems, it’s hard to be sure that it will be effective enough. So to minimize the possibility of human errors, and make the workflows go faster, it’s offered to use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. What is it and what kind of benefits ERP may yield to the wholesale distribution business? Well, let’s discuss.

ERP System in Wholesale. Why?

Some industries are traditionally considered to be very conservative, therefore the process of introduction of new technologies is pretty reluctant. But taking into account the specifics of such business as wholesale distribution, the prospect of staying conservative doesn’t seem that promising. First, because of the target market which is predominantly online. Second, in order to remain competitive it is vitally important to introduce changes. Third, it will just facilitate work and make the workflows go much faster.

How Robust ERP Software Can Manage Key Operations in Wholesale Distribution

Of course, before implementation of the ERP system in your business it’s necessary to understand your business needs and formulate the requirements to the software correctly. Here let’s outline the list of key features the ERP software must have to yield benefits particularly to Wholesale Distribution:


One of the key reasons for turning to modern cloud-based ERP solutions. There are so many workflows in the industry that need to be tracked, so it’s vitally important for business owners to have the whole picture of the entire organization to see the weak points clearly and take measures if necessary. The real-time visibility allows you to check all the work aspects, such as the availability of stocked products to fulfil the placed order, tasks assignment, capacity management for orders to schedule.

Orders Processing & Order Stages

In order to stay competitive, fulfilment obligations towards the clients is crucial. It’s necessary to process the placed order correctly, give the exact price and make the delivery just in time. With implementation of custom ERP solution and multi-channel ordering it will be possible to reduce time for order-processing approximately for 50%, quickly convert order cost, and secure payment for your orders much faster.

For the smooth processes it’s also necessary to have up-to-date information regarding stages of the orders. The order is pending, in collection, on the way or already delivered — the system will update the stage automatically.

Screenshot from Delivery Management System Case Study

Financial Aspect Management

It’s essential to have a reliable and centralized process for managing the financial aspect of all orders. The ERP software will provide you with the opportunity to monitor the order payment statuses (paid, payment authorized, not paid)

Supply Chain and Supplier Management

Effective performance of the supply chain is the basis of wholesale distribution business. It’s necessary to track your inventory transactions, centralize your purchase processes, monitor the amount of products stored in your warehouse to meet the customers’ demand and many more. Owing to the ERP software it’s possible to gain the picture of the supply chain performance, which facilitates more efficient demand planning.

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To do business successfully it’s significantly important to create accurate and fast reports that would represent success of the company’s activities. It’s hard to disagree that manual reports creation takes very long time, moreover, there is a risk of miscalculation which may lead to unforeseen expenses and time waste. The wholesale ERP software will be able to generate the reports automatically and this process will be very fast and accurate.

Real-Time Information Across Departments

What would you do if you need the information from another department urgently? Start searching it in files or in a mailbox? Or maybe request it from your colleague, who will also spend time for finding and sending it to you? With the software there will be no need to waste your time and time of your colleagues for such minor things. The software provides the access to the information to all authorized users, and it will take several minutes to find what you need.

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Benefits of ERP in Wholesale Distribution Industry are Hiding in the Open

So let’s take into consideration all the features mentioned above and outline the main advantages that ERP software implementation has a power to provide to your business.

Minimizing Human Errors

Human inattentiveness due to a range of reasons may lead to a variety of consequences, sometimes not very good, which require time for solution and additional expenses. The ERP system allows to minimize the possibility of making mistakes and prevent various kinds of losses, since most of the processes have been automated, and the risk of human errors became really minor.

Service Improvement

Due to the automation of inner processes and minimization of human errors, the level of customer satisfaction will definitely increase as they gain better service. Owing to a custom ERP system you will be able to see the whole picture of interaction with your clients, and implement an individual loyalty system on this basis.

Better Productivity of Employees

Just allow a thought how many manual processes will be eliminated with the software implementation! For example, there will be no need for checking the inventory manually, using a paper with a pen, which is time-consuming and monotonous. The absence of such routine tasks allows your employees to devote their time to tasks that really require human participation, therefore their productivity will increase.

Expenses Optimization

How many times have you heard the expression “time is money”? And the answer just reconfirms that it is totally truthful. The automation of the processes allows to significantly save time spent for a wide range of tasks and therefore save money.


There are so many ways and techniques for successful business development in our contemporary and dynamically changing world. The issue is that it’s not an easy task to keep an eye on all of them, and, moreover, implement them in one particular business. But still, it’s possible to consider all pros and cons of the methods you assume to be promising. If you reckon that implementation of ERP software will have a positive impact on your business, please contact us, our team will be glad to offer you the best solution.