By comparing the creation time of your application’s design and the time of UX/UI development and popularization, you can make a preliminary conclusion about whether your application will comply with the best UX/UI practices. Starting from the late 2000s we observe a steady trend of interest in UX/UI. So if your app design was made earlier, it might be a signal for reflection.

From the point of view of compliance with UX standards, the app should be:

  • Useful – users must solve their problems with the help of the system
  • Usable – an app must be convenient to use
  • Desirable – users should emotionally like the system
  • Findable – users should efficiently find the necessary information
  • Accessible – users with disabilities should also be considered
  • Credible – users should trust the system
  • Valuable – the system must bring value to the client

Also, to make a conclusion, you can use checklists (you can find them on the Internet) and make a preliminary assessment of your app’s usability. Or make decisions based on expert judgment.
Nevertheless, the most speaking markers that your UX/UI is not good enough can be obtained by monitoring user actions and their workflows. Do they perform their tasks in the most optimal and simple way? Or is there a deviation between how they do it and how you planned they would do it?

So in short, if you feel that it’s time for UX/UI modernization, the next step is to address such an important component as your application users.

Understand Your End Users

Not all of your app users will be happy with a significant change in UX/UI. Some percentage of them don’t want to change their habits. For each app, this percentage will vary depending on age, mentality, profession, etc. Embarking on the path of UX/UI modernization it is necessary to understand who uses your application (users profile) and their percentage (share). If your application is designed, for example, for middle-aged people with established habits and they have been using it for several years, changes must be done very carefully.
Depending on your business goals, markets and audiences, the ways of changing strategies may be different. Business goals and needs are studied, and a solution on how to achieve the best results is developed.

Let’s take the application for internal use as an example. As a rule, you’ve got direct access to your users and can use this opportunity to receive feedback. To reduce negative emotions after UX/UI changes, in case there is any, you’ll need to work with your target audience’s opinion. To do this, you need to explain how the new interface solution compares favorably with the old one. It can be user opinion polls, or you can invite users to participate in beta testing.

If you open up new markets, or add new features, or need redesign through mergers and acquisitions, you can’t do without app design changes. But UX/UI modernization is not done spontaneously. It’s preceded by comprehensive research and data collecting about end-users, their needs and behavior before redesigning an app. Future design solutions should be based on analytical data and vendor’s solid UX/UI services experience.

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UX/UI Modernization Positive and Negative Effects on Business

If UX/UI modernization is done properly, it’s unlikely that negative effects would be observed after the changes. Some web apps leave the possibility to switch to the old version of the design.

Among positive impacts of UX/UI modernizations there can be named:

  • growth of user satisfaction rate
  • reduction of time to perform typical operations
  • less time spent to learn how to use the system
  • easier to win users’ preference
  • easier to retain users
  • among apps similar in functionality gives a competitive advantage
  • and as a result, net profit growth.

The stats say that every $1 invested in UX results in a return between $2 and $100.


The decision to upgrade should be made based on your business goals. Changes should not appear out of the blue for the user and it is very important to take their opinion into account, especially if there is an alternative to your application. People have their opinions, share it on the net, marketplaces and form the corresponding expectations of others. So it’s important to understand your users and their goals. UX/UI modernization can give outstanding results in raising your conversion rate, as well as satisfaction from the use of your app, and give market advantage and profit growth.

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