2015 marks the 20th anniversary of PHP programming language created by a talented Dutch programmer Rasmus Lerdorf. Though the release of the scripting language occurred in the distant 1995, it has demonstrated drastic performance improvements over time. Even nowadays, when lots of killer web technologies emerge and develop, PHP stands the ground. Besides, it is claimed to remain the most widely used programming language for web application development in the forthcoming years.

A few words about PHP language: it is an acronym standing for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open-source scripting language created to write web apps (scripts and scenarios) implemented on web servers. PHP can be easily embedded directly into an HTML page. PHP doesn’t depend on the user’s computer or browser speed, and it works totally on the server side.

What PHP Programming Is Mostly Used For

PHP programming language is an excellent choice for rapid prototyping and development of both static and dynamic websites. Startup businesses, advertising, and media agencies, as well as small software organizations, are the most popular industries where PHP programming is used.

According to Wappalyzer that identifies the technologies used on websites, 82% of the internet is powered by PHP programming language nowadays. See the chart below:

php programming language

And indeed, if you consider popular social platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Wikipedia, and Digg, you will find out that they are based on PHP language. Yahoo! search engine and MailChimp email marketing service are also built on PHP.

php based websites

Some popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are powered by PHP too. According to the web technology surveys by W3Techs, WordPress dominates the CMS market and powers 25% of all websites (8th of November 2015).

php wordpress development

The key to PHP success and popularity lies in the benefits it offers both for developers who find it easy to learn and use, and for end users who believe PHP-based websites are user-friendly.

Why PHP Web Programming Is Still In Favor By Business

1. Reduced development costs

PHP is open source (distributed under GPL license). It allows building prototypes and ready websites pretty fast. A huge code community works with PHP, providing help and lots of useful and freely available documentation, PHP coding guidelines, samples, and examples, as well as scripts and programs in PHP, sharing their expertise.

2. Rapid building of Agile web apps

Utilizing PHP frameworks allows building web apps faster. They also facilitate scalability and application maintenance, allowing your app to evolve.
Here is a list of the best PHP Frameworks we use: Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symphony, Zend Framework 2, Yii, etc.

3. Cross-platform compatibility

PHP is compatible with major operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, etc. and supports all leading servers (Apache, IIS, iPlanet, etc.).

4. Powering business websites of any type

A PHP based business website, small or big, can be developed easily in terms of limited time frame and budget. Advanced PHP programming involves the creation of CRM solutions, eCommerce websites, database driven websites, etc.
PHP is highly useful for building user-friendly websites and attracting quality visitors to your website resulting in the improvement of your ROI.

5. Simple expanding of website functionalities

Your website functionality can be simply extended thanks to the plethora of extensions and libraries available freely on the web. Custom extensions can also be added to the PHP source code with ease.

Note: Creating secure PHP websites can be challenging because developers write most PHP code with little security experience. That’s why it is important that PHP web programmers who build your website have essential skills to protect it from hacker attacks.

Programming in PHP by XB Software

php coding

The PHP apps built by XB Software for different industries include:

See featured case studies describing PHP-based apps here.

If you like our apps, you can consider PHP programming services rendered by our company. We do our best to develop dynamic, UI rich websites and apps. Contact us now.