On June 5, XB Software celebrated the 14th year of the company’s existence. This is a big day for every staff member of our organization, and we want to share this joy with everyone.



For 14 years, XB Software has been gaining experience in building custom web and mobile solutions, giving IT consulting, performing full-cycle software development, and developing UX/UI design elements and features. Started as a small web development startup of only 5 people back in 2008, our company now covers various services, including custom software development, web application development, and SaaS application development. Our customers are also pleased with our services in cross platform app development, product customization, and front-end development. We have a rich history of cooperating not only with enterprises, but with startups as well in order to help them enter the software development niche swiftly.

Our expertise in technologies that we use has spread further during all these years, and we are capable to work with various programming languages, frameworks, and platforms, like JavaScript, PHP, C#, Java, Laravel, .Net, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Angular, Flutter, and many more. As of 2013, we began to release such popular products as:

  • Webix
    We developed the Webix JavaScript UI Library to make it possible to create rich and interactive UIs for custom web applications.
    DHTMLX helps to develop resource management, data visualization, scheduling and booking, project management, BI, and other web solutions that greatly boost your business.

We offer solutions to those who are working in such industries as Enterprise, Logistics, Education, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Construction and are always eager to broaden our expertise and try something new that you may have in mind. A lot of our customers from different industries consider our products as well documented and comprehensive and the quality of our support and development services as great and superb. We appreciate the feedback and review of each and every client and always want to conquer new horizons with you.

Looking at the year 2022, now, we have more than 175 talented specialists who successfully finished more than 200 projects. Besides that, XB Software opened the Poland representative office, making it the 4th representative office and spreading our services all over the world. Only half a year passed, but XB Software has already added more awards to be proud of, gaining recognition from such platforms as GoodFirms, DesignRush, TechReviewer, ITFirms, and others.

We are not planning on stopping and are going to grow even further, so join us in this journey and let’s evolve together!