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Bitcoin Exchange Market Solution

A digital Bitcoin exchange service to trade and transfer BTC. The system allows users to create and redeem vouchers, add margin accounts, instantly check the balance, confirm transactions and view transaction history. The easy-in-use platform helps users to find the most profitable exchanges.

Bitcoin exchange market app

Business Challenge

Nowadays more and more companies accept Bitcoin payments and work with cryptocurrency. As companies prepared to respond to ever-increasing consumer demand for Bitcoin transactions, they need to invest in the right underlying blockchain development solution.

Therefore the client requested to build a solid, real-time and secure Bitcoin exchange platform to allow brokers to sell and buy digital cryptocurrencies online. The system should be interactive and oriented on the worldwide market. Moreover, the Bitcoin trading platform should allow traders to a quick and peer-to-peer contact to each other through the chat.

Bitcoin exchange market app


Our development outsourcing company was challenged to create a secure and easy to use Bitcoin market exchange system to allow traders to make buying and selling operations. Our customer required a useful service for trading operations on worldwide digital coins market. The Bitcoin exchange platform should show last actual rate and orders history.

The system is implemented in ASP.NET MVC4. It allows users to register, maintain the balance, deposit and withdraw bitcoins, open bids and make transfers. To track each user’s balance, we synchronized the BTC wallet with MySQL database.

To choose a proper rate and a reputable seller, our development team implemented filtration function that helps users set up searching priorities. To implement this function a JavaScript Scheduler web component was used.

WebSocket was used to show actual data only. HighCharts was used to build graphs and diagrams in the Bitcoin exchange service.

Our development team implemented data encryption for advanced security.  Thus, the Bitcoin exchange service is considered as a secure local storage for keeping the brockers’ money.

The functions of checking the trading history that keeps a detailed track of Bitcoin exchange, multilingual support and localization were implemented.

Applied Technologies

Bitcoin exchange market app

6 month

Estimated man-hours

1 500


XB Software skilled team created an easy-in-use and robust Bitcoin exchange service to expand the trading horizons and allow users to conduct profitable buying and selling operations. The service allows searching and getting the best exchange rates in real-time and scanning the market situation by viewing the history of exchange rates.


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