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Staff Management and Notification System for Medical Institutions

An online and mobile application for efficient work time planning in medical organizations. The application allows users to review and edit the schedule for the organization’s staff members and volunteers. It provides access to a reliable notification system for informing volunteers that they will be needed.

Business Challenge

The lack of staff in a medical institution can become a pretty serious issue, especially in the case of unexpected emergencies such as natural disasters, for example. In such situations, every hour counts, and any delay can have severe consequences. Fortunately, a lot of volunteers are ready to offer their skills to help medical organizations, but the problem is that those people aren’t part of the permanent staff and may not be in place at the most crucial moments. The creation of a reliable communication application that can be used by medical organizations can help to solve such issues.

Our company was asked to develop a custom scheduling system for the convenient management of staff work shifts and effective work time planning. The application should also help users to review volunteers’ availability and their skill sets. Another important requirement was the option to create, modify, and send alert messages to users. A mobile version of the application should increase the probability of receiving notifications on time.


XB Software’s development team has rich experience in providing PHP development services and creating custom applications for a wide variety of industries. This expertise allowed our company to create an intuitive web and mobile application that enables organizations to manage their internal staff and volunteers efficiently. Managers of medical institutions can review the working schedule of each staff member. Also, there’s the possibility to use this application for assigning tasks to a particular employee, and to edit or remove existing tasks. To provide an intuitive way of schedule representation, our developers used dhtmlxScheduler. This JavaScript event calendar component with a wide range of views and features allows users to create full-featured applications for web and mobile devices.

An easy-to-use alert management system helps users to create, edit, and delete notifications using this application. To simplify this task, the application provides dozens of ready-to-use templates that can be helpful in case of an emergency. According to the selected type of the emergency, the application can provide a list of suggested volunteers with the most suitable skills for the situation.

All users can receive notifications via email, SMS, mobile, and web applications. For example, if a medical institution faces a lack of staff, a user will receive a notification that includes the following info: required service and professional experience, date/time of start and end of duties. The application allows users to respond to this message positively or negatively. It can help a medical institution to get instant information about the number of volunteers coming in.

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Our development team has created a web and mobile application useful both for staff members of medical institutions and volunteers. Managers of medical organizations can use this application for creating and editing schedules, assigning tasks to particular staff members, and reviewing the list of available volunteers. Users can receive notifications via email, SMS, or mobile applications and send a quick response back to medical institutions. To learn more about how custom-made software can help medical institutions, check our case studies in the healthcare industry.

The application we developed allows organizations to:

  • plan work time of medical staff efficiently
  • review and edit the schedule
  • create, edit, and send notifications.
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