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Custom-Made Event Management and Planning Software

A flexible web-based management system for scheduling meetings and events. It helps to manage a fast-changing environment of people, arrangements, and meetings to create a distinguished guest experience.

Business Challenge

It requires significant efforts to streamline an events arrangement business. You need to monitor the movements of both guests and your employees, book meeting spaces, coordinate all the hotel and travel arrangements of staff and clients, and control a lot of other things that are constantly changing. To orchestrate this continually evolving process, a fully-featured event scheduling software is required.

XB Software’s developers were asked to modernize event management software intended to help companies run their events more efficiently. The system should provide a reliable and easy-to-use mechanism of events planning, reporting and support for visitors. To keep every party informed about current events, there should be a messaging module with the possibility to work via mobile apps. Location tracking and fleet management would provide our client with the possibility to monitor all movements. To provide the possibility to analyze the efficiency of business processes, developers were asked to implement reporting features.


Our developers modernized the customer’s event management software and delivered a comprehensive web-based solution that covers all the needs of an event arrangement organization. Such tasks as registration management, badging, hotel tracking, event planners and many others can now be handled effortlessly. The meeting planner allows specifying invitees, catering requirements, and facilities. To provide rich functionality and excellent user experience, our developers used dhtmlxScheduler, a JavaScript event calendar. Multi-user access simplifies in-team collaboration enabling multiple users to review and edit information. Real-time data related to an event is continuously updated and can be accessed via mobile devices. This feature helps users to stay up to date.

location tracking module allows finding staff in a busy environment. A participant can scan and verify the badge with barcodes. Moreover, each of the employees can be located thanks to radio tags that they can carry in their pockets. Fleet management functionality allows to significantly increase the efficiency of handling vehicles. Advanced reporting features help company management to analyze the effectiveness of their business processes. This info can help to boost the ROI of a company and make improvements if needed. The messaging system allows sending notifications via the mobile app or by sending SMS. It’s a pretty useful feature when there’s the need to inform staff of a guest’s arrival or any unpredicted events.

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Our ERP system development team has modernized an online event management and planning solution to provide the client with software that covers the full cycle of an event arrangement process. The application allows automating dozens of routine tasks (book rooms and transportation for guests), improving collaboration between team members and increasing overall productivity. The event management system allows to:

  • improve ROI
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • optimize business processes
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