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Cutting-Edge Web Tool For Field Service Management

A web-based tool for effective field service management. It was created to optimize collaboration between field technicians, troubleshoot machines faster, improve communication across departments, and help service companies generate higher revenues.

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Business Challenge

The client needed to develop a one-stop collaboration platform for field technicians who could work together to troubleshoot machines and share documents with anyone from the contact list. The platform should have been designed to ditch the paperwork and allow companies to run their service businesses from smartphones or desktop more effectively. Other goals were to track technicians work progress, see real-time stats, schedule tasks, make estimates, and invoice customers. Besides, the client required this platform to be available for technicians and customers from all over the United States.



The creation of the field service management system involved the elaboration of backend, frontend, as well as the creation of a mobile app on iOS.

The XB Software team was responsible for the frontend part and also helped with the backend. The challenge was to develop a  web application with high performance. To built the app, we applied Backbone.js, Handlebars, Underscore.js, and Node.js. To data storage and processing, Parse API was used. To enable task assignments to technicians and track job implementation, the developers customized the Javascript scheduler web control deeply. As a result, a task management calendar was created. The lightbox to edit tasks was transformed into a popup window, and the calendar interface was changed drastically. Besides, our developers made it possible to add blocked time to the calendar when no tasks can be created for any or all the technicians. The calendar map view displays technicians’ positions on the Google Maps added to the scheduler. It shows cities where the selected technicians had tasks and allow to track the tech’s latest position as well as the travel time from one point to another if a technician has two or more tasks per day.

Our developers also enabled printing out of PDFs with invoices.

Another feature implemented by our devs is comprehensive reports with colorful diagrams displaying revenue trends, revenue, and tickets by job type. It also summarizes technicians’ performance, allowing for tracking how much income each of them generates.

Applied Technologies


4 month

Estimated man-hours

1 200 +


In cooperation with the customer’s developers, XB Software created an adaptive web app that runs flawlessly across most modern browsers and provides the functionality required by the customer. The app allows different service companies across the USA:

  • create company profiles
  • add their technicians
  • create check-lists, estimates, invoices, etc. straight from the app
  • monitor and track technicians performance
  • and calculate revenues.


A startup represented by a US-based team of enterpreneurs and engineers, providing cutting-edge web and mobile tools for field service management. Their software is built to replace the antiquated tools used by the field technicians to troubleshoot machines and to make it easier for them to share information and solutions. The company is trusted by technicians at Fortune 500 equipment manufacturers.