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Multi-Modal Transportation Management System

A powerful transportation management system (TMS) with GPS tracking for different types of vehicles. This system allows users to keep fleet information updated, and helps your drivers to choose quicker routes and avoid costly delays.

Business Challenge

Our client asked us to create a comprehensive transportation management system to simplify all the processes involved with using vehicles,  tracking, routing and dispatching. The GPS vehicle tracking feature will help to optimize routes complete more orders, provide security and real-time status updates.

The TMS solution gives entrepreneurs great control functions, quick and accurate feedback, and gives drivers reliable and timely information about their vehicle’s status (oil and fuel level, seat belt position, battery charge level, etc ) and traffic. Moreover, it offers a complete list of possible functionality from a vehicle request to online payment.


XB Software team has designed and developed an easy-to-use transportation management system with GPS tracking features. The system includes the number of services that are connected to each other during the data flows. The system is able to provide vehicle data, trip data, map (searching for locations and pickup points), costs and time analytics, accept online payments, and store individual trips.

The transportation management system needed to feature the latest and most innovative IT and design trends, which is why XB Software team selected Webix JavaScript UI library as the ideal framework to underpin this logistics management application. Webix was also used to implement the system dashboards.

This management system allows users to quickly determine their current location, the nearest place to stop, the approximate time of arrival, lets users track its route, and informs them about the price of a future trip. It allows users to transfer to another vehicle which is already en route and has free seats in it. The system also includes a payment management module and an analytic module.

In terms of use, the transportation management solution can be divided into two significant areas:

Customers can use the app to:

  • determine the current location
  • estimate time and cost for a future trip
  • calculate approximate time of arrival to a particular pickup point
  • make an online payment for the journey

Service administration, data and statistics management:

  • analysis of outgoing and received data
  • precise control of the vehicle (the point of departure, route, the point of arrival, time of travel)
  • statistics about movements and routes, their popularity and cost
  • financial analytics (income, revenue, delivery time, number of clients) and their visualization
  • vehicle state, location, status monitoring, and controlling system
  • location tracking system

We developed an interactive visualization dashboard that allows monitoring of all the relevant metrics. Managers can view and analyze the collected statistics data (trips, routes, pick up points, types of vehicles, vehicles’ statuses, user statistics, payment statistics, etc.).

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Project in Figures


Applied Technologies



The result of the fruitful work of the team was a smart transportation management system with GPS vehicle tracking that optimizes operations via real-time fleet tracking.

This TMS helps our client to deal with all issues relating to a particular part of a complex task. It also allows the client to:

  • track employees’ activities and working time, estimate overtime, monitor schedule adherence of vehicles in service, register unexpected shutdowns, and more.
  • collect statistics about vehicles, trips, and driving records.
  • provide better customer service by enhancing shipments aggregation and using route optimization.
  • save costs on fleet maintenance by using maintenance alerts or service warnings displayed on drivers’ mobile devices.
  • fully automate fleet management and view real-time analytics with just a click.
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