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Online Marketplace for Cars and Spare Parts Selling

Online marketplace for cars and spare parts with advertising functionality. This solution allows searching for a particular type of a car to rent or buy. Users can leave a request for a specific type of a vehicle and receive notifications when it appears in the catalog. Advertising features and premium membership subscription allow sellers to find their target audience better.

Online Marketplace for Cars and Spare Parts Selling

Business Challenge

Buying a used car can be a tough challenge. Among the myriad of ads, you have to find a particular type of a car that fully corresponds your requirements, such as size, fuel consumption, maintenance cost, availability of spare parts, and many others. Automating and simplifying the process is one of the top priorities for any company engaged in the car business.

Being aware of our broad experience in SaaS development, our client asked our development team to create an online marketplace for cars and spare parts. The solution should support mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Users should have a free opportunity to offer cars and car equipment for sale or rent. Also, to free users from the necessity of monitoring the list of available cars on a daily basis, some mechanism for informing users about the appearance of new cars matching their requirements had to be be implemented. An easy-to-use advertising system could help sellers to find their clientele faster. Another essential requirement was to provide users of this online marketplace to receive a free consultation on their car issues to help with finding the necessary car parts.


XB Software development team has built an online marketplace app that works flawlessly on mobile devices. Since we provide React JS development services, the building of a mobile version of the app for this project didn’t take much time thanks to the great code reusability. Users can publish for free any info on cars or car parts that they want to sell. Also, new users can fill out the questionnaire about the wanted characteristics of cars that they’re looking for. After a suitable vehicle appears in the catalog, a user receives an email or mobile notification. Car service companies from different cities can cooperate with this online marketplace to allow users to receive their services. For example, if potential buyers are not sure about the state of used cars they’re going to buy, or they can’t decide if a particular car detail will solve their problems, there’s the possibility to receive an online consultation with a professional mechanic and schedule service maintenance if needed.

Featured ads allow sellers to stand out from the crowd by highlighting their ads, which helps to generate more calls and leads. Premium membership is a subscription-based feature available for businesses selling cars and spare parts via the online marketplace. A company that has a premium membership can receive detailed info about customer demand for particular cars or car parts in a specific region. Our focus on PHP development allowed us to reduce the overall cost of the project and achieve a high level of security.

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Our web development team has built a reliable and easy-to-use online marketplace. The system simplifies the process of finding a suitable vehicle for potential buyers. The automated notification system allows avoiding the necessity to monitor the catalog on available cars and spare parts constantly. Sellers and car businesses can generate more calls and leads thanks to the advertising system and premium membership program. This online marketplace solution allowed our client to:

  • attract more users thanks to a simplified search system
  • connect potential car buyers with car maintenance companies
  • provide car businesses with the possibility to reach the target audience better
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